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Why Get A New Construction Inspection?

You might be under the impression that home inspections are meant to make sure old houses are still safe and are not necessary for new home constructions. Although it is true that old homes should always get inspected to ensure they are up to modern building codes, new homes can often come with many more problems than you would expect! A New Construction Inspection is a multi-part on-site quality assurance observation for every phase of the construction cycle, helping catch early issues that a homeowner won’t recognize.

Leaders in New Construction Inspection Services in Frisco 

Kissee Inspection Services has over 15 years of experience in ensuring that your home is safe and ready to live in. As one of the top home inspection companies in Frisco, Texas, we are here to serve our customers and make sure they understand the inspection process for their homes. After spending to build your dream home, it’s important to make sure that nothing has gone wrong throughout the process! Our licensed professionals will inspect the home and assist you from start to finish in helping you understand all the necessary parts of the construction process. 

  • Hao Z.K.: “Kissee is the absolutely right choice if you are looking for a home inspector for a newly building. Their package of foundation, phase, and final inspections is of great value. All the reports are very detailed and professional. They send over reports the same day of inspections and explain the issues they found. The reports definitely help buyer deal with builders to make them correct those issues.  The staff is nice and professional. I do recommend Kissee Inspection to all my friends!”
  • S I: “We hired Kissee to perform a phased inspection on a new construction home.  It’s very reassuring to know Mark is providing a “second set of eyes” as this home progresses.  Mark is very well-versed in building code and has documented various findings (complete with photos).  He has also taken the time to explain in more detail for us if needed.  Luckily the builder has been very receptive to our private inspections so any issues Mark has found so far have been resolved prior to moving to the next stage of construction.  We often comment to each other that hiring Kissee is one of the best decisions we’ve made.  Highly recommended!! Thank you, Mark and the Kissee team!”
  • Morgan Grounds: “The entire team at Kissee Inspections is top-notch! My client used them to perform a 3rd party inspection of a new construction home in McKinney, Texas. Smooth scheduling and follow-up leading to the appointment. The inspector, Kyler Graham, was efficient, knowledgeable, and patient in answering my client’s questions. The final report provides a great REALTOR® summary page that helps while creating repair requests.”

What do New Construction Inspections Include?

New Construction Inspections are typically carried out in Phase Inspections along various points in the build. These points are meant to check certain parts of the build before the continuation, as problems can hide under later work if not caught early. A New Construction Inspection will have the inspector looking at:

  • Pre-Pour
  • Pre-Drywall
  • Final
  • Foundation / Slab Reinforcement
  • Structural Frame
  • Window & Exterior Door Installation
  • Weatherproofing, Sheet Metal Flashings
  • MEP Rough-In (Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing)
  • Roofing Assemblies
  • Fire Block
  • Building Envelope

For more tips on How to Prepare for a New Construction Inspection, check out our blog!

What Are The Phases In A Phase Inspection? 

A Phase Inspection for a New Construction may vary, but it typically involves three points where the inspector will check in on the build prior to having construction move forwards. The first inspection is the Pre-Pour Inspection, which happens before the concrete gets laid. This inspection will check that the rods for the foundation of the house have been correctly spaced and installed before the pouring of the concrete. 

The next inspection can vary, but it is usually the framing checkup, meant to look at the skeleton of the new construction before any insulation or interior walls are built. This pre-drywall checkup will ensure that the various parts of the home that operate behind the walls, such as the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installations that have been partially installed have been done so correctly. It also examines the exterior window flashings, which are meant to help prevent water, moisture, or wind from entering the home. 

The last inspection is the Final Walk-through Inspection, where the inspector will checks the house to ensure that all of the final additions are working well, from the electricity to the water to the cosmetic details, we are professionals in preparing detailed reports for you to help make sure there are no issues you will be unhappy with later on.  

Knowing what to inspect during an inspection can help you be prepared for anything you might find, but an experienced home inspector will help you know how to proceed. 

Why Are All The Phases In The Phase Inspection Important?

The Phase Inspection process used in a New Construction Inspection is important because it reduces the likelihood of underlying problems. The first phase of the Inspection, the Pre-Pour Inspection, is necessary because once the concrete is poured, the foundation of the house cannot be changed or adjusted. If any of the rods were bent, broken, or misplaced, they cannot be removed or re-adjusted. This makes it especially important that the structure is inspected beforehand because once it is done, it cannot be fixed if there are any issues. 

Similarly, any issues found during the Framing Inspection would be less noticeable after the interior walls have been installed, as the issues would not be visible to the inspector during the Final Walk-through Inspection. It is only after you move in that you might begin to notice issues. The Final Walk-through Inspection is important not just as a cosmetic inspection, but to ensure the systems of the house have been finished installing- that the electrical grid is ready for use and that the plumbing is fully functional. 

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  • Frisco is a growing suburb of the Dallas-Fort Worth Area that is well known for its lively business and cultural sector. The area is a technological center with many corporate headquarters, providing the inhabitants with a strong job and economic sector. It also hosts the Frisco Athletic Center, one of the largest athletic facilities in the United States, and the Dallas Cowboys’ 91-acre campus, The Star. This campus is home to the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters and the team’s state-of-the-art training facility, drawing fans from around the country. For the less sporty visitors, there is the Stonebriar Centre, a shopping mall with over 200+ stores and an attached hotel. There is also the Frisco Fresh Market, a large, open-air, pedestrian-friendly farmers market open on weekends. It has freshly harvested and prepared food, chef demonstrations, music, and events that make it a hub of the local community. Check them out across from Toyota Stadium from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm on Saturdays and 10:00 am – 4:00 pm on Sundays!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Does a New Construction Inspection Cost?
    • New Construction Inspections will require repeated visits but each visit is typically shorter than a full Home Inspection. The average cost can range depending on your area’s real estate market and the size of the new build, but it can range from $280 to $400. If the inspector recommends a specialist, they may charge more. If you would like a specific price, call Kissee Inspection services at (469) 789-1444 or Request a Free Quote Online.
  • When Should You Get an Inspector for a New Construction? 
    • Due to the nature of the Phase Inspections, hiring your inspector early on in the process is generally preferable, before the foundation has been poured. This will allow the inspector at least 24 hours prior to the pouring of concrete to collect and present information in their report and advise all parties on how to move forward. For the pre-drywall inspection, it is best to allow at least 48 hours to address any issues from the inspection report before covering the walls and ceiling. 
  • Do New Construction Inspectors Provide Repairs?
    • No, new construction inspectors, like home inspectors, will not provide repairs themselves for any issues they find during any of the phases of the build inspection because they are generalists. An inspector’s main role is to examine a build and compile a detailed report on its condition. Any fixes or repairs should be negotiated between you and the builder or contractor before moving forward with construction. Some of the more complicated issues may require calling a specialist. 
  • Is an Inspection Required by Law?
    • No, an inspection from a private business is never required by law, although some government inspections are required to ensure that the building follows all local regulations and codes. However, an inspection is always recommended to ensure that you have an experienced and knowledgeable advocate on your team there to watch the entire process and catch the details you might miss or don’t understand. We are here to support and stand up for you during this process!
  • What Does the Inspection Report from the Final Walk-through Inspection Include?
    • The Final Walk-through Inspection for a New Construction is similar to the one for a regular Home Inspection, although there is no need to check the parts of the home that were inspected during previous phases. The Inspection Report that is provided at the end of the walk-through by your inspector is an easily understandable report of every significant component of the home. At the bottom, you can reference a summary of the findings for quick information. It will include any relevant pictures. Your inspection results will always be emailed to ensure that it is available to you in the future without any extra hassle, but they will also be discussed with you by your inspector, either in person or over the phone. 

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