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Sherman, Texas

Home & Building Inspection in Sherman, TX

In need of a home inspection in Sherman, TX, and nearby communities like Savoy, Tom Bean, Pottsboro, Denison, and Bonham? Kissee Inspections Services is your go-to partner! With years of experience and commitment to family values, we offer reliable property inspections. This is a crucial step for buyers and sellers, as it provides comprehensive insights about the property and the areas needing attention. 

Advantages of Working with Kissee Inspections Services

Diverse inspection services available to cater to your unique requirements

Swift scheduling for your convenience and peace of mind

Personalized and friendly interactions to address your concerns

Qualified and skilled inspectors ensure thorough and accurate inspections

In-depth reports with visual evidence for a clear understanding

Responsive and supportive customer care for ongoing assistance

Appreciative and builds lasting relationships

Sherman, Texas

Sherman, Texas

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Inspection Services Offered in Sherman, TX

Homebuyer Inspection in Sherman, TX involves diligently examining every corner of a property, from heating and cooling systems to attic structures. Gain a thorough understanding of the property’s condition to make informed decisions and avoid potential pitfalls in your home investment.

Sellers Pre-listing Inspections

Are you considering selling your home in Sherman, Savoy, Tom Bean, Pottsboro, Denison, and Bonham, TX? A Seller’s Pre-listing Inspection reveals any hidden surprises, allowing you to make repairs before listing and build trust with potential buyers.

Your new home in Sherman, TX deserves the best care and inspection. A New Construction Inspection service can help protect your investment every step of the way. Experts can provide meticulous documentation to ensure your home is built to the highest standards, from pre-pour to final assessments.

Home Warranty Inspections

Please don’t wait until it’s too late! Ensure your new home is in top shape before your warranty expires. Get a Home Warranty Inspection, covering plumbing, electrical systems, and more to catch any defects or damages.

Commercial Inspections

Make a confident business decision by investing in a commercial building inspection in Sherman, TX. Checking all critical areas gives you a complete understanding of the property’s condition. Avoid unexpected costs and potential hazards.

Pool & Spa Inspections

Ensure your pool and spa are sources of joy, not headaches. A good Pool and Spa Inspection covers all essential components, from surface condition to underwater lighting. Relax and enjoy with your family and friends, knowing your pool and spa are in top-notch condition.

Termite (WDI) Inspections

Keep termites from compromising your investment in Sherman, TX, and nearby communities like Savoy, Tom Bean, Pottsboro, Denison, and Bonham! Be proactive by booking a professional Termite (WDI) Inspection service. Whether you’re a homeowner or seller, a detailed report will empower you to take the necessary steps to protect your property from potential termite-related risks.

Septic & Well Inspections

Pay attention to the importance of inspecting septic and well systems before purchasing a property in Sherman, TX, and nearby communities like Savoy, Tom Bean, Pottsboro, Denison, and Bonham. A thorough Septic and Well Inspection gives you confidence in your investment and helps you avoid unexpected repair expenses.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspections

Lower your energy costs with our infrared thermal imaging inspection. Identify heat loss areas around windows, doors, roofs, and attics, allowing you to make efficient improvements and long-term energy savings for your home or business.

Lawn Sprinkler Inspections

Are you worried about clogs, leaks, and low water pressure? How about backflow and sensor functionality? An experienced lawn sprinkler inspector in Sherman, TX, can help you save on water bills and unnecessary repairs. Address the issues promptly.

Inspection Services Offered in Sherman, TX

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the certifications and licenses held by our inspectors at Kissee Inspection Services. As ASHI Certified Inspectors, IACHI members, PTI professionals, NSPF Certified experts, Certified Master Inspectors, CDW Engineering Certified specialists, Certified Residential Thermographers, and more, our team delivers exceptional inspection services.


Let certified experts handle your home inspection in Sherman, TX. Ensure satisfaction by working with Kissee Inspection Services.

Customer Testimonials

Ashlee InmanAshlee Inman
04:16 29 Aug 23
Kyler was a thorough and very knowledgeable inspector. He communicated effectively, was considerate of my position as a buyer and provided a professional and comprehensive report. I recommended him to any investor/buyer! Anita is also tremendously helpful and very responsive!
Karen MendozaKaren Mendoza
02:27 29 Aug 23
Really professional and helpful!
William MyersWilliam Myers
00:14 28 Aug 23
Kissee was responsive throughout the process and provided a thorough commercial inspection report as promised. Highly recommend.
Jesson KgJesson Kg
19:12 26 Aug 23
Sama NdiSama Ndi
02:58 26 Aug 23
They were fast, efficient and Amazing. I will definitely use them again in the future.
Shawna KingShawna King
22:08 14 Aug 23
Appreciate their expertise in the inspection process, providing peace of mind that I’m buying a quality home and going through the report very thoroughly. My inspector also gave lots of tips on home maintenance as well. Grateful all around for the great job & knowledgeable, friendly service.
Lynn PriceLynn Price
19:18 14 Aug 23
Chris was thorough and provided very quick updates after the inspection. They were able to come out very quickly so we can spend the rest of our option period to get everything sorted out without last minute hashing out.
15:35 01 Jul 23
Chris was an awesome inspector, very knowledgeable and thorough in his work! His attention to detail impressed my husband, and allowed him to catch some important code-violations in our home inspection. Not to mention, they had our whole report finalized and sent back to us the next day. Highly recommend the Kissee team, and especially Chris. We will be using them for our future inspection needs.
Nithin SaseendranNithin Saseendran
02:56 28 Jun 23
Steven did our home inspection. He was super thorough and patiently explained each and everything. The report was super detailed with clear photos and descriptions and suggestions. He also responded very quick a few days later on follow up questions we had.It was a pleasure to see when someone does a real professional job. I was so confident with his report, pretty much that I can use it as a baseline or reference on how an inspection has to be done. Every single point we can think about was inspected without hurry and explained.Please choose Kissee for your inspection. Don't even think about anyone else.Mind-blowing service!!!!
Ashok GuduruAshok Guduru
17:18 21 Mar 23
Our inspector Chris was very informative. He explained his findings and gave us recommendations. The office staff was very helpful and was able to get us an appointment quickly. Our report came within a couple of hours after inspection. We bought 30 years old home in Dallas area, and the Inspector checked every corner of the home which gave us confidence to proceed to buy that home. Will use again and will definitely recommend.

Contact and Scheduling

Trust Kissee Inspection Services for top-notch home or building inspection in Sherman, TX. Whether purchasing a new property or selling an older one, our meticulous checks provide crucial insights for confident investments. Take the first step towards informed decision-making. Call (469) 789-1444 or contact us today to request an appointment

FAQs about Home & Building Inspection in Sherman, TX

What types of inspections do you offer?

At Kissee, we provide a comprehensive range of inspection services, including home inspections, pool and spa inspections, lawn sprinkler inspections, septic and well inspections, and infrared thermal imaging inspections. Our certified inspectors can handle residential and commercial properties, ensuring you understand your property’s condition before making a transaction.

How much do your inspections cost, and what are the payment options?

Contacting our team directly at (469) 789-1444 or through our website will provide you with a quotation for our inspection costs, which vary based on the location, size, and type of the inspected property. As for payment options, we accept various methods, including major credit cards, cash, and checks.

Are your inspectors certified and experienced?

Absolutely! Kissee Inspection Services personnel are highly trained, certified, and experienced professionals in property inspections. They hold various certifications, including ASHI Certified Inspector, PTI Certified, NAWT Certified, and Certified Residential Thermographer.

How soon can I schedule an inspection?

Kissee Inspection Services understand the urgency in property transactions and strive to accommodate your schedule for home or building inspection in Sherman, TX, as soon as possible. However, availability may vary, especially during peak seasons. We recommend contacting us at your earliest convenience to secure a suitable inspection date and time for your needs.

Our Service Area

Covering the expansive DFW Metroplex and North Texas Corridor, Kissee Inspection Services is your trusted partner for comprehensive property inspections. From the vibrant neighborhoods of Dallas to the charming towns in the North Texas Corridor, our certified inspectors provide expert insights to safeguard your investments.

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