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It can be stressful building a new home. With today’s current building market, homes are constructed fast. The superintendent cannot be everywhere. Items do get missed. New does not mean perfect. To help protect your investment and sanity, we provide extensive new construction inspections through each phase.

Our documented inspections provide a valuable tool for clients to present to their builder for needed changes. Most builders welcome the findings and make the necessary changes. It helps them in the long run too.

We perform on-site quality assurance observations to ensure the quality and integrity of construction. A trained professional provides documentation regarding on-site construction throughout each phase of the construction cycle. Along with direct feedback about the specific workmanship, our field inspection reports also help alert the superintendent of any action(s) which need to be addressed.

new construction inspection

Observation points include:

  • Pre-Pour
  • Pre-Drywall
  • Final
  • Foundation / Slab Reinforcement
  • Structural Frame
  • Window & Exterior Door Installation
  • Weatherproofing, Sheet Metal Flashings
  • MEP Rough-In (Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing)
  • Roofing Assemblies
  • Fire Block
  • Building Envelope

What the Inspection Covers

Foundation / Slab Reinforcement
Window & Exterior Door Installation
Weatherproofing, Sheet Metal Flashings
MEP Rough-In (Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing)
Roofing Assemblies
Fire Block
Building Envelope
Professional Commercial Inspection Company

Skilled Phase Inspections on New Construction Houses

Have you ever experienced being taught a complex math problem, but still you didn’t get it? So, you just nod your head and say, “aahh,” like you just got a Eureka moment. What you were doing instead is to avoid offending your friend, or to sound smarter. Now, that’s an apt analogy in phase inspection of newly constructed houses.

The contractor will try to explain to you the importance of each component in the overall structure, and you just nod your head to signify you understood. For the most part, the contractor will recognize that you did not actually grasp the concept. But it’s just too hard to explain everything, you know? Besides, he’s a busy man and has other things to do.

What Happens in Phase Inspection?

As the term suggests: you will get an opportunity to inspect the progress of your home three times. Although the timeline varies, below is the typical phase inspection schedule:New Construction Inspection Frisco

  1. The pre-pour inspection, which typically occurs before the concrete is poured.
  2. The framing checkup, which happens before the insulation and the interior walls or divisions are constructed.
  3. The final inspection, which occurs when the home is fully completed, as well as all the furnishings and fixtures are properly affixed. At this point, you will be given the blue tape, which you will use to mark the things you think needs repair or replacement.

Why Should I Get a Phase Inspection?

Getting our services to conduct the phase inspection for you will result in two things: first is that you unburden yourself of the responsibility to conduct the checks yourself; and second, is that you take in a professional that can give an objective assessment of your home.

Remember that math problem earlier? No need to do the calculations in your head and hope you’re correct. Yeah, we give you the answer right off the bat. In fact, we’ll give you a detailed report of our findings afterwards so that when you do move in, you can have what thousands of homeowners around the country have been denied—peace of mind.

What Am I Looking At?

That is the question that will nag at you during these phase inspections. Let us illustrate an example:

During the pre-pour state, for instance, you will see metal bars and wires laying before you. The contractor will explain to you what they mean of course, but you have no way of knowing that they are laid out correctly. Does that wire really go there? How about that deformed bar over there?

You know what’s crazy? After the concrete is poured, along goes your opportunity to evaluate if something is missing.

Phase inspections are best left to professionals. The safety of your family depends not just on the capability of the builder, but also the adherence to established protocols and mechanisms in construction industry.

Don’t gamble with your investment and safety of your family. Call us now and we can send over a team to your location immediately. If the builder will not allow third-party inspection, that’s usually a red flag right there.

Final Walk-Through Inspection on New Construction

Prior to being handed the key, the newly constructed home undergoes a final inspection. In most instances, homeowners find themselves walking through the new house as they cross off the items in the checklist. But what if you have no idea what you are doing?

What happens is that in most cases, the homeowner is resigned to fully trusting the building with regards to the new construction. In other cases, homeowners are afraid of offending the builder when they voice out some of their concerns. Also, there is the intimidation factor that comes into play.

Whatever the reason is, it’s likely that if you don’t speak up during the walk-through inspection, you will come to regret it later on.

What to Expect in the Final Inspection

The procedure starts when you entering your new home alongside your builder or contractor. He would have in his hand a checklist of items that they have introduced into the infrastructure. You walk through the list, and they give you time to examine the part of the house based on that list.New

You will be given a piece of tape—more often than not, it’s colored—which you will then use to mark any defect that you see. The contractor will then correct the defect at a specific time frame.

But you know why this is a problem? The homeowner who has no idea of the structural integrity of a building by the way it’s constructed will instead focus on the small cosmetic details. What if the builder doesn’t follow through with the
repairs, however? What can you do?

Turn Over Final Inspection to Professionals

Now, here’s what we’re proposing: why not turn over the inspection process to us? There are several advantages to this:

  • We are impartial: so whatever deficiencies and flaws that we notice will be reported without prejudice.
  • We represent you: the builder, like it or not, has vested interest to have you sign the final inspection checklist so he can move on to other projects. The underlying message is that you can’t complain later on when you already agreed that there was nothing wrong when the home was turned over to you.
  • We have the expertise: the builder may sway you with all the technical terms and jargons, but we are not fooled by that. Our main objective is to help deliver your dream home.
  • We know the law: the contract that you sign with your building is not merely a bilateral agreement between two parties. There are antecedent laws that govern that contract such as zoning, building codes, etc.

Detailed Report on Final Check

Here’s the difference: while the builder will give you a checklist to cross off the items that it delivered in constructing your home, what we will prepare is a very detailed report of our final inspection.

We can write a few clichés here like, “leaving no stone unturned” or going through the house with a “fine-tooth comb,” but really, the only thing you should know is that you will leave this whole process more knowledgeable than when you first contacted us.

Hiring Kissee Home Inspections was one of the best decisions I made in purchasing my new home. Mark and Anita were fantastic not only with their technical expertise advising us of the issues that they observed, there follow up and communication was clear, concise and timely. They provided invaluable information from the pouring of the slab, to pre dry wall inspection to the final walk through. This was especially helpful because I was residing in another state while the house was being construction. I rarely highly recommend any company. However, I highly recommend this very professional company.

Steve L.

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