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How long does a septic tank inspection take, and what happens during an inspection? Read on for the answers!

Answer: A septic tank inspection varies but might take up to three hours, depending on how expansive and detailed your septic system is.  

More complex systems will take longer to inspect; a professional will ascertain the system;s health and investigate each part for leaks, clogs, and everything in between. 

Remember that a septic tank inspection is different from having your tank pumped; both are important for the maintenance of your system and to keep your home running smoothly (and free of waste issues that are both unpleasant and inconvenient). 

Septic System Inspection: Components and Process

A septic tank inspection is usually thorough, given the importance of the system. Both the Environmental Protection Agency and our blog provide a summary of a typical septic inspection.

We provide a septic tank inspection checklist to ensure that all aspects of the system are covered during the process. Here’s what it will look like with our services:

We’ll take the time to familiarize ourselves with your septic system to ensure we get everything.

We’ll start with a visual investigation of each part of your system.

We’ll give you a report of all the details so you understand your system and can be sure it’s up to standards.

You might be wondering– what gets inspected during a septic tank inspection?

The answer: each part of your septic system! Depending on your system, this adds time to the inspection; the more elements, the more time it takes to ensure everything runs smoothly. Here’s what we’ll inspect:

  • The leach field is where waste water drains into the soil from the septic system.
  • The distribution box manages the drainage of water waste out of the system.
  • The septic tank is the actual tank that holds waste from the home or property.

Kissee Inspections will provide you with a detailed and accurate report of the system and its status, notifying you of any issues.

Please read here for more information on our inspections and why they are essential to maintaining your property!

Professionals may need to take their time to investigate all the parts of your system visually; the above diagram is pretty simple, but not all tanks are so compact. With questions about what system is suitable for you and for information about inspections in general and all the things you need to know, check out our information page!

Why are septic tank inspections necessary?

Think about it: your septic system manages the waste from your household- from daily happenings like laundry, sewage drainage, cooking, and more. All of these create waste, water or otherwise, and it’s essential to have a system that can adequately manage that waste. 

An iffy or unreliable septic system is not only a danger (and an inconvenience) for your property and your family. It could also be bad for the environment when it malfunctions. Regular inspections and pumps are vital in keeping the system up-to-date and safe. 

Septic tanks can be a topic many people need to think about. We have the answers to questions like “How long is an inspection?” and “What does my septic system do?” or even musings on why inspections matter! 

You’re not alone if you have more questions than answers about your septic tank- and that’s why having a professional take a few hours to inspect it and report back is important. Kissee Inspections is here for you! 

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