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Nationally Certified Septic and Wells Inspectors

Safe and Sound Septic and Wells Inspection Services in Frisco, TX

Buying a house is truly an ultimate dream and usually takes a large investment of your time, money, and energy. As such, you will need the help of certain qualified and certified inspectors, especially when it comes to septic and wells.

What are Septic and Wells?

We can best answer this question by categorizing homes, apartments, condos, and buildings in the following two categories:

New. New homes are normally ready to move in already. Still, it is necessary to double-check and inspect that they conform to the building and planning standards of the city or municipality where
they are located. Such inspections, like the one offered by Kissee Inspection Services, are for the protection of the home or building buyer, especially if they are new to buying and have absolutely no
idea how to go about buying a property that will serve them for the long run. They have a right to know the details.

Old. Older homes or buildings need to be double-checked, tested, and inspected more because of the natural wear and tear from the occupants, weather, climate, and environmental conditions. The
prospective buyer must know of the actual state of the septic and wells before they purchase a home for it is a large investment to do so. One would not want to be stuck with a beautiful property but with a failing septic and well. The buyer must get his money’s worth for the property as well as for his safety and protection.

septic tank system

What Kissee Inspection Services Can Do for You

Our company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and thus, is entirely reliable when you need to call us for your septic & wells inspection. Here’s how an inspection can benefit you:

  • It will give you knowledge of the actual home condition.
  • It will address the essential safety concerns before buying a home.
  • It will save you costs for either current or future repairs.
  • It will give you an educated decision before making that huge investment.
  • It will provide you with competent personnel to do the inspection.

We have qualified people to handle such necessary inspections before you purchase the home or buy the property. You must know if there is a septic system and a well right on the property, or if you will have to rely for city or municipal supply and services of such.