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How long are home inspections good for if you’re buying a home?

We have the answer- and the reasons why it’s best to have an inspection performed on the property and obtain an updated inspection report. While the physical report remains the same, the home’s condition can change rapidly due to various factors.

In response to the primary query, home inspection reports may lose their relevance to the home’s condition shortly after completion.

Blogs like Inspectify explain this seemingly extreme perspective: damage can happen anytime, and it doesn’t delay its manifestation until your inspection report becomes “expired.”

Your report will mostly stay the same if you schedule two inspections mere weeks apart, except for natural disasters, severe weather, or a large-scale unexpected issue within your home. 

If you are considering buying a home and receiving a years-old inspection report, schedule a buyer’s inspection before finalizing the purchase. This step ensures you have the most up-to-date information about the property. Issues like infestations, water damage, and outdated or malfunctioning systems are vital to know and might influence your buying decision.

What does an inspection report include? 

Home inspections give you a clear understanding of your home’s condition. If you opt for Kissee Inspections, your report will cover the following aspects. Click here for a comprehensive list of our inspection points and discover which elements relate to the home’s age.

  • Any safety concerns our inspectors noticed. 
  • The state of all major aspects of your home- we’ll check the plumbing, the roof, the electrical, and everything in between. 
  • Identification of any concerns, be they minor or significant.
  • A summary that you can easily refer to for repairs or questions. 

When purchasing a home, having a detailed report, preferably a recent one, is crucial to grasp the potential repairs and updates the property might require.

What if the Seller got an Inspection?

Clever Real Estate highlights potential issues that an inspection might uncover. They note that sellers often opt for an inspection before buyers to identify significant problems and ensure a smooth sale.

Even if you’re presented with a report from an inspection a few weeks prior, it isn’t unreasonable to get another, mainly if severe weather or other natural effects may have caused damage to the house. You’ll want to stay updated on infestations—termite damage doesn’t adhere to a timeline, nor do the habits of other critters that may have infiltrated the home. A seller’s inspection may not have seen anything, and while termite damage probably won’t be apparent within a week or two, you might still find some unwelcome guests. 

If you look up “how long is inspection good for,” multiple sources tell you it stopped holding weight once the inspector left the property. Due to this, if it’s been a month or so since a seller had an inspection, feel free to schedule one if it will bring you peace of mind.

Shifting our focus to warranties, many often ask: “How long is a home inspection warranty good for?

The answer to this question can vary; some warranties span a few months, while others last longer.

The one-year new home warranty inspection is a good option. Here’s how it works: schedule an inspection with us while the builder still covers plumbing and electric systems. If our inspectors find damage to the property due to the builders’ strategies or shortcuts, it’s covered by the contractors. 

An inspection before your warranty expires, whether three months or a year, is an excellent way to catch issues early and have the expenses covered by an outside party. Of course, this varies by state, but our blog post on this one-year new home warranty explains it in more detail. 

What do I need to know about home inspections and reports when buying a home? 

The question of “home inspection warranty is good for how long” hinges on the time since the last inspection and various external factors impacting the home’s condition. This consideration is crucial, especially for older homes, which may have faced significant wear and tear.

For more helpful information for homebuyers (and for sellers), check our information page! If you need an inspection or have a question, call us! You may also request a quote here. We’re here to provide clarity and assistance in your home-buying journey.