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1 Year New Home Warranty Inspection

Our Guarantee, Your Safety

The one-year new home warranty inspection is a guarantee provided by builders for any adjustments, repairs and safety concerns. Unfortunately, homeowners wait too late before calling a third-party inspector to sweep the house for any defect or damage.

What we recommend you should do instead is to call Kissee Inspection Services, before your one-year new home warranty inspection expires.

What is Covered in the One-Year Warranty?

Each state has different standards. But we’ll give you an idea. Within the next 12 months, your plumbing system and electrical system are covered by the warranty (also builder’s defects). In a year’s time, any damage that can impact on the structure of the house will be repaired at the contractor’s cost. That is, if you can prove that it’s the builder’s fault.

As for the other components, however, the one-year warranty may vary according to company policy. For instance, your appliances will have a different warranty cover compared to your bathtub. This is outside the purview of the builder.

Poor Workmanship and Code Approval

You know what sounds crazy? Just because your home may have passed the building codes doesn’t mean that your home is perfect. What most people don’t realize is the laws set the minimum standards for safety and health of the future residents in a home. That means, the integrity of the structure or to ensure that no materials are used that can pose a hazard to the health of its occupants.

Does workmanship come into play during the inspection? Of course not. As long as the occupants are safe, then the permits get approved.

What the Inspection Covers

Installed Appliances
Ceilings and Floors
Grading and Drainage
Roof Covering
Heating and Cooling (HVAC)
Plumbing: Drains, Waster, Vents, Fixtures, and Supply
Attic Structure: Ventilation, Wiring, and Insulation
Walls: Exterior and Interior
Lawn Sprinklers (If Present)
Professional Commercial Inspection Company

Independent Inspection and Warranty Expiration

Now, here’s where we enter the picture.

The only way to make sure your builder is not resorting to shortcuts is for you to bring a third-party inspection service like ours to check even before the concrete is poured. We do offer final inspection services, but it would be better for us to be there from the moment you lay down the foundation. We should be there to sign off before you accept the certificate of occupancy from the builder.1 Year New Home Warranty Inspection

Before the one-year warranty expires, we can then again sweep through your house to do a thorough check of the interior and exterior, plumbing and electrical system, ventilation and structure.

With us by your side, it’s easier to prove whether or not the damage you might have noticed—and we have established—is indeed the builder’s fault.

The detailed report we will hand over to you will become the basis for you to demand from your builder, or the subcontractors for that matter, to fix their mistakes. We know all the laws that govern your particular case, and the items covered by the one-year new home warranty.

You don’t have to visit online forums to ask questions from willing strangers. We have the checklist, and we are not afraid to use it for your own benefit.

In fact, we can start right away with the whole process once you call our helpline. Our trained staff can also allay your concerns and answer all your nagging questions. Finally, it might surprise you that our services are not as expensive as you may have thought. Call now!

Our experience with Kissee Home Inspections was better than expected. They arrived on time, started right away, and did an extremely thorough job checking the entire house. The best part was that the home inspector was really friendly and personable. Once we saw his report, we were really impressed with his attention to detail and explanations. He caught problems that none of the other professionals involved in the real estate transaction had bothered pointing out, plus he offered helpful advice since we’re first-time homeowners. If we ever need another home inspection or if our neighbors ask us, we would totally recommend Kissee.

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