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Reasons Why You Should Acquire a Warranty Home Inspection in Little Elm, TX

3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Warranty Home Inspection

Location and amenities are two reasons that Little Elm, TX became one of the fastest growing towns of the past decade. In addition to the new homes located in planned communities, buyers realized that when you go from 3,000 people to almost 30,000 people, you end up with a lot more shops and businesses catering to the community.

For new home buyers, most new homes tend to come with a warranty that will allow them to enjoy their new home for a few years without having to worry about paying for anything that breaks that is not supposed to. If you sell your home a few years after you buy it, you are able to get a home warranty inspection that allows you to offer the next buyer a home with a warranty.Warranty Home Inspection Little Elm TX

Here are some good reasons to get a home warranty inspection Little Elm, TX when you go to sell your home:

Your own warranty may not be renewable without an inspection anyway:

As most homes in Little Elm are now reaching an age where they probably aren’t covered by a new home warranty, it is a good idea for those considering selling to get a home warranty inspection. You probably do not have anything major wrong with your home- and it will help you start a new warranty that is backed by the latest data.

Both the buyer and the seller are covered:

One home buyer that had a home warranty inspection Little Elm, TX moved to California and bought a home that also had a home warranty. Within a few months of moving in, they ended up having clogged shower drains that would not go away when they used standard drain clearing techniques. It turned out that they had broken pipes under their new home and an outtake pipe that had tree roots growing through it. Because they had a home warranty, they ended up paying $50 instead of the quoted $4000.

If they would have had to pay $4000, they probably would have remained upset at the seller for not fixing things in advance. If the seller just moved to another part of the same city, it could make for an uncomfortable relationship. With a warranty inspection and home warranty, they managed to keep everyone happy.

You will qualify for even greater coverage:

When you have a warranty inspection Little Elm, TX you can then opt to cover areas and systems that are not already covered on your current system. A good example of this is coverage in a category known as major appliances. If you want to get new appliances like a refrigerator when you leave, you can cover the existing appliances under the home warranty that you offer the buyer. Instead of just having just a plumbing and structural home warranty, they will arrive in their new home with strong coverage on their built-in appliances, allowing them to focus on other purchases for the first few years that they are in the home.

Getting a home warranty is now a pretty high priority for many people that are selling their home in Texas. The first step in the process is to get a home warranty inspection from a local vendor that is qualified to get your home approved.

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