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Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Sellers: Considering a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

When you list your home to sell, you want to make sure you’re going to get the best price. A Sellers Pre-Listing Inspection will make sure there are no hidden surprises and will catch any existing problem before your potential buyer does. You can also provide the report to potential homebuyers to create transparency and trust.

What Are the Benefits?

  • No hidden surprises.
  • Reveals the problem before the buyer does.
  • Make repairs before listing.
  • Create transparency and trust in the deal.
  • Allows you to adjust price prior to closing.
  • Expedites home transaction.

Why Get an Inspection?

  • Gives you knowledge of home condition.
  • Addresses safety concerns.
  • Saves you money on current or future repairs.
  • Make an educated decision prior to purchase of a huge investment.
  • A trained, experience professional is your line of defense.
attic fire damage

This is an actual photo of fire damage that was in the attic – unbeknownst to the seller. Imagine their surprise!

Thorough Pre-Listing Home Inspections

Help Sellers Save with Pre-Listing Home Inspections

Home inspection prior to market listing is a two-way street that benefits both the seller and the buyer. A pre-listing home inspection is a good way to ensure that your property is in good condition to make it marketable. As with every other consumer, you would want to see the return of investment to every purchase you make, wouldn’t you?

This is where pre-listing home inspection helps. It is an important preliminary step when you want to get the most of the property you have. Getting a pre-listing home inspection gives you control on the negotiation table. It also ensures that the sales process runs smoothly and quickly. Kissee Inspection Services makes this possible with our highly trained and experienced consultants who can help you throughout the whole inspection process.

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Pre-Listing Home Inspection Guarantees Easy and Fast Negotiation

Most sellers think that home inspection should be done by the buyer upon purchasing the house. A seller though would greatly benefit when the property has a pre-listing inspection because it eliminates potential problems that would surface when going through the negotiation process.

For a cautious homeowner who wants to put their property on the market, a pre-listing home inspection is also a way to secure a clean transaction. It uncovers possible problems that may derail
the sale of the house. Pre-listing inspection gives you time to quickly fix existing problems before the transactions take place. Being a seller who wants to get the best out of their property, pre-listing inspection gives you the upper hand when negotiation takes place. It allows you to do major repairs beforehand, maintaining or increasing the value of your property. This can also be a much more cost-effective way of dealing with the problem than having to pay the buyer’s hired contractor.

Issues identified during a pre-listing inspection are repaired ahead of time which makes them non-existing issues to the potential buyer. On the other hand, having a home inspection also allows
you to adjust the asking price if you are not willing to do the repairs yourself.

Kissee Inspection Services’ Pre-Listing Inspection Helps You Get To Know Your Home Better

There are a lot of advantages to having a pre-listing inspection. Fixing potential issues in advance will eliminate the possibilities of having conditional offers or issues during the negotiation stage.
This also removes potential doubts that your prospective buyer may have that can result in a change of heart. Kissee Inspection Services has been in the construction business for years, so they know the necessary checklist when doing a pre-listing home inspection. Our licensed home inspectors will check every part of your house, from the drainage system, septic leaks, yard, landscaping, to its overall structure.

Our pre-listing home inspection services can be a prerequisite if you are seriously considering selling your home. Getting the help of our licensed inspectors will help ensure that your property will not sit idly in the market for a long time. Our pre-listing home inspection will guarantee that the price you
set for your property will not be bargained for because of existing issues and problems that materialize during the negotiations. Our pre-listing home inspection is also important if you are selling your
house for a higher value. It is always better to identify potential issues beforehand so your buyers will not find a reason to bargain for the price.

For a thorough pre-listing home inspection, Kissee Inspection Services is your best choice. Call our office today.