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Why get a 4-point inspection?

Selling a home is a major financial decision and an incredibly stressful experience. Spending time looking for buyers and negotiating the sale just to have them back out of the contract due to issues appearing in their home inspection can be one of the most expensive parts of the process. A 4-point inspection can help by ensuring that the house’s major systems are functional before a potential buyer checks them, allowing you to disclose any major issues and alleviate surprise about the home’s condition. It also helps reduce delays and allows sellers to plan fair pricing before negotiating with the buyer. 

Inspections like these are especially important for honest negotiation, in that the early disclosure can help weed out buyers who would have dropped out anyways. A truly interested buyer might pull out of an offer-to-purchase contract if their buyer’s inspection finds enough problems that they want to back out with the home inspection contingency. 

However, a full home inspection can get very expensive. 4-point inspection is half the price of the full TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) Inspection while ensuring the home is safe to buy and encouraging transparency and trust between buyer and seller. 

Why Are We The Best Home Inspection Company In Frisco?

Before we began Kissee Inspection Services, our family had a long history of working in construction. We’ve been working in Frisco for over 15 years and have continually and consistently delivered professional work while treating each customer with respect. It’s essential that our clients have confidence in the reports we provide them, and that’s why we take the time to help guide you through the key points of a home inspection every step of the way. 

  • Customer Review – Aaron H.:
    “Probably the best experience you can ask for! All my questions and concerns were addressed timely and even had my hand held throughout the process. Truly grateful for finding Kissee, definitely check them out. They give detailed inspection reports through the buying process and do everything they can to make their clients feel at ease. 10/10”

We provide a wide range of services to ensure that we can adequately meet the needs of everyone in our community that might need a home inspection. Home inspections are necessary because they ensure your home is safe and ready to buy or sell. We also pride ourselves on our efficient service and provide an onsite review at the end of the inspection to explain our findings. Understanding the results of our inspections is vital to make sure you can make informed decisions about buying or selling your home. 

  • Customer Review – Rakesh D.:
    “Well I reached out to Kissee inspection on a Saturday morning and they were gracious enough to accommodate me on the same day. Steven did a brilliant job and he went to great lengths in inspecting every nook and corner. Also patient enough to take us through the detailed report and the final report was shared same day of inspection too. Worth every penny and will highly recommend them. Thanks again!!”

What is a 4-Point Inspection?

A 4-point inspection is a home inspection that sellers can use as a pre-listing inspection to check on the status of the four major elements of a home that are more likely to experience wear and tear as they age. It allows the seller to know before contract negotiation what their weak points are, and can give them a chance to do repairs prior if they’re interested. The 4-point inspection covers the following:

  1. Roof Covering
  2. Water heater(s)
  3. Electrical system
  4. Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation Systems  (HVAC)

These are the most common home inspection problems, so the 4-point inspection serves as a checklist to attack them all at once. However, it does not include anything else, and if you are interested in adding more to your inspection, we recommend a Full TREC Report by a Licensed Professional Real Estate Inspector

Passing a 4-Point Home Inspection

To pass a 4-point home inspection, you should understand what a home inspection is meant to look for. Generally, we determine if the cosmetics are damaged, most of which can be easily fixed without requiring a professional. 

The full home inspection checklist involves assessing the stability of the structure, as well as ensuring that any old building practices are up to the current building code. The 4- Point inspection is less rigorous but following the same guidelines will only make you more prepared. Our home inspection services take into account any previous damage the house might have suffered during storms, floods, or other damages.

To prepare for a home inspection, you can look at what items a home inspector checks:

  • If the HVAC system is functioning properly.
  • If there’s exposed or ungrounded wiring, double-tapped breakers, or aluminum wiring.
  • If there are leaking pipes, water-damaged walls or floors, or pipe deterioration.

Then, you can let your inspector know and work out a plan to fix the issues before they become serious. 

Full home inspection vs. 4-point inspection: What’s the difference?

A full home inspection covers the elements of a 4-point inspection but additionally includes the following: functionality of appliances, outlets, plumbing fixtures, doors and windows, and insulation. It also looks at the site conditions. 

However, a full home inspection includes costs for fees and can be more than double the price of a 4-point home inspection. If you’re wondering what kind of home inspection you need, you should consider how thorough you wish the inspection to be and the trade-off for the price. Although the 4-point inspection might not look at everything, it hits the main items home investors look for when completing a full report, so no matter what, you can rest assured that the house is safe to live in. 

How a 4-Point Inspection Can Help Sellers Sell Their Homes? 

A 4-point inspection is incredibly useful for those interested in selling their house who prefer to be prepared. The inspection helps sellers sell their homes by giving a detailed report of any weak spots in the home that might affect its sale price. Most buyers who put an offer on a home include a home inspection contingency in their contacts as a regular caveat. This contingency means that a buyer who is unhappy with the state of the home can invoke the clause and both parties have a certain amount of time to come to an agreement- sometimes the seller lowers the price to compensate for the money that the buyer will have to spend later on or the seller might fix or pay for the repair themselves. If the parties cannot come to a solution, the contingency allows for the buyer to walk out of the contract with little to no penalties. 

A 4-point inspection can help ensure that buyers are aware of all the property’s characteristics early on in the process. This can help alleviate the back-and-forth negotiation between buyers and sellers by ensuring the pricing is fair and accounts for any issues the house may have, giving sellers a better position to control negotiations. The 4-pt inspection makes it possible to avoid surprises and delays and allows for fair pricing before the buyer’s contract and inspection

Where are we located? 

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  • Customer Review – Tim C.:
    “Kyle was very professional and personable.  He arrived right on time for our inspection.   He was very thorough and explained things as he went along.  In the end, Kyler walked us through each section of the house with pictures explaining his concerns that needed to be addressed. Kissee Inspections are very reasonably priced as we found out by shopping around beforehand.   I would highly recommend Kissee Inspections for your home inspection needs.”

Some Facts About Frisco

Frisco, Texas, is a northern suburb of Dallas and is considered one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Despite being considered a suburb, it is an exceptionally lively area, hosting several sports teams and colleges. The Dallas Cowboys’ 91-acre campus in Frisco, The Star, is home to the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters and the team’s state-of-the-art training facility and draws fans from around the country. 

For locals, however, the beloved minor-league baseball team, the Frisco RoughRiders, remains a fan favorite. If you’re interested in exercise, you’ve probably been to the Frisco Athletic Center, one of the largest athletic facilities in the United States. Its 400,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space make it a popular destination for anyone interested in sports or athletics. 

Catering to brains as well as brawn, Frisco is home to the University of North Texas at Frisco and Collin College, which both provide higher education opportunities for students. For those not yet graduated, the Frisco Independent School District is one of the largest and most highly-regarded school districts in Texas, consistently ranked among the best in the state. 

Suppose you like history and haven’t yet been. In that case, you should check out the Museum of the American Railroad or the Frisco Heritage Center, which both offer a dive into the history and culture of Frisco and the surrounding Texas area. For relaxation, Frisco Square offers shopping, dining, and entertainment.