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Considering a home inspection? Here’s what to expect!

So, you finally found a home that is perfect for you. It has all the must-haves, and some of the nice-haves too. You may think it is in good condition but merely looking like it is in good condition is not enough when it comes to making such a huge decision. To make sure you are not making any wrong decision, you need a thorough home inspection before you commit anything. A professional structural home inspection should uncover any potential issues so that you have complete picture in front of you about what you are buying. It can save you thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs and replacements.

A home inspection is an elaborate visual examination and evaluation of the reachable structure and all the major systems of the house. It also includes any structural issues or other defects, and recommends any repair work that needs to be done along with the estimated cost of repairs.

Here is a list of what to expect from a home inspection and what are the areas that your home inspector will cover:

Exterior, basement and crawl spaceswhat to expect with a home inspection

The inspector will conduct the inspection of structure, floors, walls and the ceilings. They will see the condition of the visible elements including the beams, slabs, and the framing; and indicate moisture and water penetration. Land grading around the home, driveways, decks and patios will also be included. The overall exterior home inspection will be done.

Roof, gutters and downspouts

The professional will provide you with the description of roofing materials, drainage systems and ventilation. Any roof penetrations, chimneys, skylights, flashings, soffits, and fascias will be included in the checklist. The inspection expert will also look for any evidence of water intrusion, ventilation of unfinished spaces and presence of attic insulation. But they will inspect the attic only when there is plenty of space for the inspector to enter the attic space. Or else they may not be able to identify things.

Electrical and plumbing

Electrical and plumbing inspection is also an integral part of your home inspection. Identifying the location of main sub-panels, wiring method, availability or unavailability of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors is a part of this job. Looking for technical aspects like entrance conductors, cables, over-current protection devices, electric meter and base is also the job of the inspector. Along with all this, the expert will find whether the switches, fixtures and receptacles are working fine or not. The overall plumbing system will be checked including the working flow of fixtures and faucets. They will check the interior wire supply, drain, waste and vent piping. This section of inspection will also include septic well inspection.

HVAC (heating and cooling)

Your home inspector will check the age and condition of your heating and cooling system. Along with that, they will also check the distribution systems including ductwork and radiant. Other activities included in this inspection are details of energy and fuel sources, inspection of vent systems, flues and chimneys.


Apart from the above mentioned areas, there are more things that will be incorporated in the inspection job. Inspection of walls, ceilings, floors, countertops, cabinets, doors and windows will be taken into account.

Bonus points

While many home inspectors are not supposed to give you advice on what to do next to fix the problem or get the quotes, it is quite helpful if they do it. But there are professionals who will give you a ballpark numbers for how much the fixes will cost you. Experienced inspectors are generally helpful in giving you their best advice and suggestions on the average lifespan and remedies.

Your expectation after the inspection – A detailed and informative inspection report

considering a home inspectionA professional home inspector will provide you an extensive, detailed report containing the findings, check lists, descriptions, photographs and notes. It will also estimate the life of different areas in the home including the roof, structure, paint and other things. It will also highlight information pertaining to repairs and replacements too. So, you should always look for a home inspector who will provide you a detailed report with everything that you need before you come to any conclusion.

How long the home inspection will take?

The duration of a complete home inspection may vary depending on various factors. But generally, a normal evaluation will take two to four hours. The time may vary depending majorly on the home size, number of defects, expertise of the professional, and helpfulness or support of the owner while the work is going on. Experts recommend that you should also be a part of this job when the inspector is evaluating different areas of your home. This will give you a chance to see things with your own eyes.

What are the items not included in the inspection?

It is important to know that the inspection expert will not check everything. The things that are not included are cosmetic elements of your home, pools, spas, fireplaces and other wood burning devices, and systems like the telephone, cable, TV, alarm systems and alarm sprinklers.

Call the professionals for a through home inspection

A thorough home inspection is a valuable tool that can educate you how much cost, repairs and maintenance the home may require as soon as possible and over time. So, it makes sense to hire a professional home inspector to provide you with an accurate and detailed evaluation that can help you make the right decision. At Kissee Inspection Services, we are qualified, experienced and knowledgeable home inspectors who can assess different parts of your home and discover defects that need immediate and over time attention. We will help you make educated decision about a home purchase. We will provide you a detailed report to avoid costly surprises later on. You can rely on us completely for a thorough home inspection needs. We perform all types of inspection including new construction inspection.

We are just a call away. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs with one of our experienced home inspectors.

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