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Let’s talk about those little slits in your brick wall. They’re called weep holes – and they’re designed to allow moisture to exit the wall cavity. If they’re blocked, then moisture can build up in the wall. This can lead to water damage in the home.

So how do weep holes get blocked in the first place? Well, some people will actually intentionally block them in order to keep water or pests out. Ironic, right? More commonly, they can become blocked by soil building up too high and covering the weep holes.

Don’t freak out! The solution is pretty simple! We’ll explain below.

DIY: Clearing Your Weep Holes

This is an easy fix that can save you from a big problem in the future. And the best part is, you can do it very easily on your own, without spending a dime.

If the weep hole is intentionally filled with something like expanding foam, or is naturally filled with debris, you can easily clear out the weep hole with either a screwdriver or a wire hanger.

To make sure that your weep holes continue functioning properly, taper your soil where it meets the home to leave at least two inches of foundation exposed.

And seriously, it’s healthy to allow yourself a good cry every now and then, and homes are no different!

So, protect life’s biggest investment and keep those weep holes open!

Check out this DIY tutorial on YouTube.