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How do you pass a 4-point home inspection? What does the process entail? We’ve got the answers. 

Read on to learn how to prepare for a 4-point home inspection and to better understand the process. We’ll discuss what a 4-point inspection entails, why they matter, which areas of your home will be inspected, how to prep for the process, and include a 4-point home inspection checklist to get glowing reviews in your inspection report. 

First– what is a  4-point inspection? It’s a process that focuses on four integral systems of your home and is used by insurance companies to determine whether or not to insure your home. Here are the focus areas:

  1. The roof 
  2. The plumbing 
  3. The HVAC system 
  4. The electrical wiring 

You can visit this website for more explanation of the process, but we’ve summarized it here. Insurance companies often request a 4-point home inspection to assess a home’s condition. Based on the inspector’s report, they determine the property’s insurability and potential risks. 

How do I know if I Need a 4-Point Inspection?

Older homes often require 4-point inspections. When you buy an older home, you need to update all the systems, and an inspector can confirm this.

State laws also determine if you are required to have one; depending on where you live and the age of the home, you may not have a choice. Check the laws where you live, especially if you live in an older home or need to insure an older property. 

How to Pass a 4-Point Home Inspection  

While there are region-specific guidelines, such as those in Florida, the principles of a 4-point inspection remain primarily consistent across locations. Here is how to prepare for a 4-point home inspection to help make sure you pass.  

First, check your home for signs of damage that are related to those four main areas. Let’s go system by system: 

The Roof 

  • Check for any damage to the shingles (safely) or any that may be missing 
  • Take a look around for signs that the roof is no longer stable, such as leaks 

The Plumbing 

  • Look for water damage on floors or ceilings
  • Listen and watch for anything out of the ordinary when using the faucets, showers, toilets, and laundry machines 

The HVAC System 

  • Change any filters that need it
  • Keep up with any necessary maintenance or repairs; as the same blog acknowledges, homeowners can only do minimal preparation on an HVAC system

The Electrical Wiring 

  • Look for wires that are damaged or exposed 
  • Check for fire hazards, like visible splices 

Once you’ve gone through your home for any signs of damage or system failures, note anything that may be problematic or dangerous. If you find anything that is a cause for concern, whether it be one exposed wire or a hefty leak in your roof, call a professional! 

If you’re getting a 4-point inspection to qualify for home insurance, you must ensure everything is in order. Electricians, plumbers, roofers, and HVAC professionals may need to step in if you find any significant issues within your home.

What matters most in a 4-Point Inspection? 

Because these are for insurance purposes, it is essential to demonstrate the care and upkeep of your home. The state of those four central systems can easily show how much effort a homeowner puts into repairs, regular maintenance, and preventative measures. 

To summarize and provide a handy reference, here’s a concise 4-point home inspection checklist:

  • uncheckedIdentify the main aspects of the home that will be examined (roof, electric, plumbing, HVAC).
  • uncheckedFamiliarize yourself with common issues in any of these systems– perhaps do some light research on “common plumbing issues” or “how to spot roof damage.” 
  • uncheckedCheck each system to the best of your ability and note anything that looks wrong or hazardous. 
  • uncheckedCall any professionals that are necessary for issues you’ve spotted.
  • uncheckedOnce your home is in the best state you can ensure, schedule your 4-point inspection! 

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