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Are your clogged gutters the subject of your nosy neighbor’s gossip?

Feeling overwhelmed by what seems like a complicated and impossible task?

Those filthy gutters of yours can be more than just a source of embarrassment. They can cause water to collect against the roof, causing wood rot behind the gutter. As if the wood rot isn’t bad enough on its own, it can also attract termites. That’s bad news!

Don’t worry! Cleaning your own gutters will be a simple fix you can do yourself.

Keep reading this blog post to find out how you can save your roof and get your neighbor off your back by cleaning out your own gutters.

What Will You Need?

Before we get started, what are you going to need to get the job done right? Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A Rake
  2. Contractor Bags
  3. A Ladder
  4. Leaf Blower

How to Clean Your Gutters

First, climb up on that ladder with your leaf blower and…

Oh. Wait!

Let’s talk about ladder safety real quick. If you haven’t already, go check out our ladder safety blog, okay?

Now where were we…

Oh yeah! So, climb up on that ladder with your leaf blower and just send that gutter debris to the moon. You’ll likely need to do this twice per year, but this varies depending on how much foliage you have around your property.

After clearing out the gutter, you’ll go around the perimeter of your home to rake up all the debris and stash it away into a contractor bag.

To help prevent your gutters from building up with as much junk in the future, you can install a gutter guard.

So protect life’s biggest investment and get that neighbor off your case by keeping those gutters free and clear to do their job.

Check out this DIY tutorial on YouTube.