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Who pays for a home inspection when buying a home?

Home inspections and buying a home

When buying a home, you want to know everything about the property you’re buying before you buy it. Unfortunately, not everything about a home’s condition can be seen on the surface. You don’t want to end up buying a home that has damages that will require thousands of dollars to repair. To protect yourself from such issues, you can choose to have a home inspected before you buy it.

Who pays for home inspections?Who pays for a home inspection

Generally speaking, the home buyer pays for a home inspection. The reason for this is that, while knowing the condition of a home is important to a home buyer, it’s still an optional service that a home buyer chooses to have done. While a home buyer will have to pay for a home’s inspection, they can use the results in the inspection report to make negotiations with the homeowner. Additionally, homeowners might decide to have repairs made prior to listing a home.

The cost of a home inspection

You might wonder how much it costs to have a home inspected. The price of a home inspection depends on the size and location of a home, among other factors. If you want to know exactly how much a home inspection costs for your home, you can call a reliable home inspection company and get a quote.

When to have a home inspected

If you want to have a home inspected, the best time to do so is a few days prior to paying closing costs. In most contracts, there is a window of about 10-14 days in which a home buyer can have a home inspected. This window gives them a chance to have the home inspected and negotiate with the seller if any damage is found.

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