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Things you Need to Know Before a Home Inspection

You need to schedule the inspection

Many first-time home buyers make the assumption that home inspection services are included in the closing costs and that they’re part of the home-buying process. Unfortunately, the responsibility of scheduling a home inspection is on the home buyer. Here’s what you’ll need to know about home inspections:

What is included in home inspection services?kissee residential inspection process

Home inspection services vary depending on the size, type, and location of a home. Generally speaking, here are some of what is included in home inspection services:

• Interior plumbing system
• HVAC system
• Windows, doors, and ventilation systems
• Condition of structural elements
• Foundation and insulation

Some home inspectors don’t include roofing, septic tanks, and detached buildings in their home inspection services. However, you can speak with your realtor to have these areas inspected on their own.

Try to be present during the inspection process

Not only will being present during the home inspection allow you to make sure that the home inspector is doing his or her job properly, but it will also enable you to ask any questions you might have during the home inspection process. Home buyers will naturally have questions about the condition of a home, so being present while the home is being inspected will give you the opportunity to raise any concerns.

Ask for the inspection report

Inspection reports provide thorough details regarding the condition of a home. Not only will it make you aware of any damages in the home, but it will also allow you as a home buyer to negotiate the price of the home depending on its condition. That’s why, among other things, it’s so important to have a home inspection completed before purchasing a home.

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