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Termite Inspections Prosper, TX

Is it Time for Your Annual Termite Inspection in Prosper, TX?

Living in Texas comes with some common pests such as Termites. However, termites are manageable with the proper inspection and treatment service. If untreated, these insects can cause major damage inside and outside of your home. The key is early detection and keeping a clean, non-conducive Environment that will avoid their presence. At Kissee Inspection Services, we conduct a professional Termite / WDI inspection with your home inspection on homes older than 1 year. When you call Kissee Inspection Services you don’t have to wonder if it was completed, it is!

Termites run rampant throughout the state of Texas, and a lot of untreated houses here will show signs of termite activity at some point. Many property owners have the idea that they don’t need annual checkups if they’ve had their home treated before. Unfortunately, this is not the case as termites do not discriminate between the wood on buildings and inactive chunks of wood laying on the ground.

The Necessity of Having an Annual Termite Inspection in Prosper TX

Routine termite inspections conducted by skilled and accredited insect control professionals form the crux of a plan that makes sure your house or company remains unaffected by termite infestations. If these inspections are ignored, termite colonies may rapidly grow and wreak pure havoc on the structural integrity of your home.Termite inspections Prosper, TX

Termites will inflict a huge amount of destruction on your home if they are left to their own devices. Underground termites are able to devour up to 3% of their body mass in wood on a daily basis. Just how much they eat depends on how large the colony is, the size of the termites, and climate considerations. A fully developed colony has the ability to eat as much as one-fifth of an ounce of wood each day. This same full-grown termite colony can eat a whole square foot from a wooden 2×4 frame board in under 90 days, based on the findings of the EPA.

Termites Won’t Be Treated if You Don’t Know They’re There

Termites may cause damage to a building while going undetected, as it’s common for house owners to not notice the symptoms of a termite infestation right off. When a qualified exterminator performs a termite inspection in Prosper TX, he or she will often find only a tiny dirt tube in a home’s attic, ventilation ducts, or outside near the slab as proof that a termite colony is actively eating the building’s wood work. This dirt tube is commonly concealed behind high reeds, grass, or bushes.

Proper Inspection Lies at the Heart of Termite Management

Having a professional termite inspection in Prosper TX conducted yearly is the most vital element in a property owner’s bug control plan. By scheduling an annual termite inspection, property owners may sleep easy knowing that their home or business is safe.

You could look at yearly termite assessments as a kind of insurance coverage on your house or building. It’s important to always keep in mind that, although your property may have received a termite treatment before, it can definitely become infested again. Neglecting to have a yearly inspection can put your home or building in danger of sustaining additional termite damage, and the repair costs are anything but cheap.

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