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How to prepare for a Home Inspection

Preparing for your home inspection

As someone selling a home, you should expect potential home buyers to want to have a home inspection done before closing. Here are some things you might want to repair and take care of before home buyers ask to have a home inspection done:

Exteriorhome inspection process

  • Make sure that all of the outdoor lighting is working and that all bulbs are, too
  • Make sure that the soil near your home’s foundation allows for proper runoff
  • Make repairs to any cracks in the foundation
  • Clean your chimney thoroughly
  • Calk around windows and doors that have any gaps between them and the home itself
  • Make sure that all windows and doors open and close properly
  • Replace any damaged window screens


  • Check for staining or leaving on the ceiling
  • Have the right number of smoke detectors (with batteries in them) around the house
  • Make sure that the inspector will be able to access the attic without anything blocking their way
  • Make sure that all vents don’t vent to the attic


  • Replace any broken socket covers
  • Be sure GFI receptacles are in place where necessary
  • Make sure that breakers aren’t being overworked
  • Label the fuse box


  • Have leaky faucets repaired
  • Fix all clogged drains
  • Check fir toilet leakage
  • Make sure that all vent fans are functioning properly


  • Try to have your HVAC system cleaned professionally and save the receipt
  • Clear the space around your heater to avoid creating a fire hazard
  • Have a new furnace filter installed
  • Clean air vents


  • Make sure that your stove and oven are working properly
  • Does the range hood operate properly?
  • Make sure the dryer’s exhaust leads outside the home

Kissee Inspection Services

Hopefully this gave you some insight as to which areas home inspectors tend to check. This way you’ll be able to make repairs to them sooner rather than later. For all your home inspection needs, whether your a homeowner or potential buyer, rely on Kissee Inspection Services! Give us all at 469-7891444 or visit kisseeinspections.com for more information! Also, check out our blog for helpful inspection tips!

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