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Whether you are buying your first house in Denison, TX, or you have invested in real-estate countless times before, a home inspection is a critical part of an average person’s home buying process.

A home inspection can protect a buyer from any unforeseen expenses, which can help you save thousands of dollars down the road and ensures that the property is safe for you and your family. This is why most homeowners believe that a home inspection is their most valuable home buying tool in Denison, TX.

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Most home inspections can help uncover a few problems that need replacement or repair prior to the new owner taking possession of the house. This is the point where the home buyer must decide how he or she should proceed with the inspection results.

Without getting a proper inspection, you can easily wind up with a home that gives you surprises each year with a new problem.

The process of a home inspection

It would be best to hire an experienced professional home inspector from Kissee Inspection Services since they will do a lot more than just walking around your property looking for damage. But beyond having a good knowledge of residential construction and checking the structural integrity of a house, a professional inspector should also test the property’s indoor air quality (IAQ).

This can help identify if there are any type of harmful pathogens in the air like mildew or mold. An air quality test can help identify the exact number of mold spores that exist on your property.

It is not unusual for a home to have some extent of mold spores, but a professional inspector from Kissee Inspection Services will be able to inform you if the levels are high enough for you to be concerned.

You should also hire a home inspector who can perform thermal imaging for you. This procedure uses a special infrared camera that helps in detecting temperature changes behind the walls.

If you see any type of temperature fluctuation behind the wall, it could mean that there is some moisture behind the walls, which can lead to further mold problems in your property sooner or later.

It could also mean that your property has a bad case of insulation, which will make it more difficult and expensive for you to control the temperature inside your home during hot and cold months.

If you’re getting an old home inspected, you could also get certain materials of your home tested for asbestos. If you already do not own the property, this one could be a tough request since it requires you to take a chunk of material from the property and send it to a lab for analysis.

A property seller will not be too keen on ripping out a piece of their property, but if you’re assessing a home already within your possession, it’s something that you can certainly get done.

Choose your home inspector carefully.

Just because you hired a professional company to get your home inspected does not mean you will get perfect results.

For one, not all home inspectors can assess every single part of your home. Instead, they inspect the base condition of your property.

What does that mean? If your house has a crawl space, an inspector should ideally get it inspected, but most home inspectors will choose not to check it out if your crawlspace is filthy. This is because not all home inspectors in Denison, TX, are ready to go the extra mile for you.

Your crawl space could also be infected by animal waste or mold, and they don’t want to expose themselves to it.

All home inspectors need to make sure that they keep their safety and health in mind. However, a professional from Kissee Inspection Services will come to your home fully equipped with safety gear and tools required for the job. Similarly, if the weather conditions in your area are unsafe, a professional home inspector may skip checking your roof during their inspection as well.

But don’t worry, because if you hire a professional home inspector from Kissee Inspection Services, we will make sure that we postpone your roof inspection instead of skipping it altogether.

Finally, not all home inspectors will move significant furniture pieces like dressers or bookshelves to inspect the walls behind them. Some homeowners may try to cover issues like mold or water stains by creative furniture placement.

This is why our professionals from Kissee Inspection Services check your home’s air quality to find out if there are any problems hidden in the house.

Home inspection results can become a great tool for negotiation.

A professional can give you a good idea of the current state of your property. If the problems are too significant or expensive to resolve, the buyer will now have an option to choose to walk away from the purchase. This is the reason why you should never take a home inspection for granted.

Nevertheless, most home buyers will simply ask their seller to either fix the issues prior to closing the sale or reduce the total purchase price at closing in order to accommodate the total repair cost that needs to be made. Our professionals recommend that you go through the property with the inspector and ask questions along with hearing their findings first hand.

After your home’s inspection process is complete, we will provide you with a detailed report of our assessment. Take the time and read it carefully. Even though it may be lengthy, it will inform you about everything our professionals have found about your property.

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If you live in Denison, TX, and are planning on getting your home inspected, you need to get in touch with Kissee Inspection Services right away. Our team of professional home inspectors will make sure that there are no hidden surprises in your property and will catch all existing problems for you. In addition to Denison, we also serve nearby cities of Frisco, Aubrey, Prosper, Little Elm and Sherman.

Our inspection covers everything from plumbing and electrical to the structural integrity of your property and roof, along with everything in between. Give us a call at 469-789-1444 or contact us online to book your appointment today.

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