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Observing new construction takes forever and a day. But you can’t ensure your plan and budget will be on track because there are numerous parts to monitor. Let’s bring you peace of mind by working with our professional inspectors. 

We’re proud to be your best inspection service in Frisco, TX.

What are New Home Construction Inspections?

We split this process into phases to guarantee your construction goes as planned.

  1. Pre-pour inspection: before the base concrete is poured.
  2. Framing checkup: when the framing and wiring system is built before erecting walls.
  3. Final inspection: when the construction is 100% done and all interiors are completed.

The final inspection is vital for your premise because we’ll identify deficiencies and imperfections that the builder needs to fix immediately. Some Frisco residents regret not doing this step and end up paying sky-high expenses for constant repairs.

That’s because you don’t usually notice these flaws, and we’re glad to offer a detailed report for your house’s safety and curb appeal.

Customer review: “We hired Kissee to perform a phased inspection on a new construction home. It’s very reassuring to know Mark is providing a “second set of eyes” as this home progresses.  Mark is very well versed in building code and has documented various findings (complete with photos).  He has also taken the time to explain in more detail for us if needed.  

Luckily the builder has been very receptive to our private inspections so any issues Mark has found so far have been resolved prior to moving to the next stage of construction.  We often comment to each other that hiring Kissee is one of the best decisions we’ve made. Highly recommended!! Thank you Mark and the Kissee team!”

  • Susan

Why Do You Need Home Inspectors for New Construction?

If you ask any contractor what structural parts they have to manage, you’ll get intricate answers.

That’s why we give you peace of mind by handling the whole process and providing a thorough report. Our inspector represents you to express red flags during and after the construction.

In other words, we help you utilize the cost of hiring a builder.

Customer review:  “Hiring Kissee Home Inspections was one of the best decisions I made in purchasing my new home. Mark and Anita were fantastic not only with their technical expertise advising us of the issues that they observed, their follow up and communication was clear, concise and timely. 

They provided invaluable information from the pouring of the slab, to pre dry wall inspection to the final walk through. This was especially helpful because I was residing in another state while the house was being constructed. I rarely highly recommend any company. However, I highly recommend this very professional company.”

  • Steve L.

Frisco Residents Trust Our Home Inspections. 

These clients have no worries about their house structure because we lead them through detailed, effective phases.

Our skilled inspector stands on your construction site and monitors the whole building process. We give feedback directly to your builder, who will identify what they need to construct or fix. Our checks include the followings:

  • Pre-Pour
  • Pre-Drywall
  • Structure
  • Evident Insulation
  • Foundation / Slab Reinforcement
  • Fire Block
  • Drainage
  • AC Inspection
  • Heating Check
  • Plumbing
  • Window & Door Installation
  • Roofing System

Your house safety and curb appeal are our top priorities.

Customer review: “My husband Sean and I had a great experience with Kissee Inspection; super quick to respond and set everything up. Chris did a great job of explaining everything to us. He was very thorough and personable! Don’t hesitate to use this company!”

  • Shonnie

Your #1 Inspectors in Frisco, TX

We help your builder/contractor perform their job effectively and eliminate defects because:

  • We are an objective third party: no prejudice, no interest. Every flaw we identify is for construction improvement.
  • We protect you: you can’t complain to the builder after signing the final inspection checklist. If there is any structural deficiency, you’re responsible alone. We’ll solve these problems quickly before the construction is completed.
  • We are professionals: We know all the technical jargons your contractor mentions. We require them for nothing but your house’s perfection.
  • We know the game: Are you confused with dozens of laws and regulations? We take care of it all. Zoning and building codes? We can handle it!

When the contractor hands you a checklist of built parts, you might feel overwhelmed with too many details. How do you know if these hundreds of items meet the requirements for house construction?

Let’s give it to our proficient inspector to save your time and budget.

Kissee Inspection Services is your superb companion to make your house a happy place.

Where are we located? 

Business Address:

  • Name: Kissee Inspection Services
  • Address: 5000 Eldorado Pkwy # 150-103, Frisco, TX 75033
  • Phone Number: 469-789-1444

Frisco Is a Symbol of Hope.

As a booming city, Frisco was chosen as the #1 Best Place to Live in America in 2018. They’re proud to have a diverse economy for all residents, from education to technology and healthcare. 

In 2023, the city finishes a momentous deal with Universal to build its theme park worth $12 million. This news and the arrival of big companies picture Frisco’s essence of fervent hopes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much is a new construction inspection in Frisco, Texas?

For new construction in Frisco and surrounding areas, the average cost per inspection ranges from $500 to $700.

  1. What do new home inspections include?

Our skilled inspector stands on your building site and performs all new construction inspections, such as:

  • Pre-Pour
  • Pre-Drywall
  • Structure
  • Evident Insulation
  • Foundation / Slab Reinforcement
  • Fire Block
  • Drainage
  • AC Inspection
  • Heating Check
  • Plumbing
  • Window & Door Installation
  • Roofing System
  1. How many new home construction inspections do I need?

We’ll offer the best strategy for your building plan depending on the construction complexity, related laws, and your specific needs.

As a whole, you need 3-phase inspections to ensure your new construction is on track: 

  • Pre-pour inspection: before the base concrete is poured.
  • Framing checkup: when the framing and wiring system is built before erecting walls.
  • Final inspection: when the construction is 100% done.

In the third stage, we hand you blue tape to mark elements that you think need fixing or replacing.

The builder also has a final walk-through check to ensure primary parts are built accordingly to your construction plan. We monitor this part strictly to guarantee perfection for your future house.

  1. When to schedule a home inspection for new construction?

The perfect time to schedule an inspection is after you decide to hire the builder. They’ll suggest a construction plan that our inspector has been professionally trained to check and analyze.

Your time and budget saving is gold.

  1. Can’t I inspect the construction myself?

Yes, but you might face costly repairs due to unseen defects in any new home construction. You can’t complain about the contract after signing the final checklist of built items.

Let professionals take care of your construction monitoring. Why not save your time and ridiculous expenses for future renovations?

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