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Septic and Well Inspection in Frisco

Septic and Well Inspection in Frisco

Expert technicians check your septic and well system

When buying a new house, septic and well systems are needed to ditch sewer charges and ensure clean water. Don’t delay having them checked. Otherwise, you will pay a lot for repairs.

Our expert team is the most reliable partner in your local

Why Is the Septic Tank Service Important?

Certified Septic and Wells Inspectors

A septic system removes solids and unwanted liquids from wastewater which will flow through the drainfield for other treatments.

Septic tank services—including maintenance and inspections—keep the system going for your daily convenience.

  1. Avoid being disrupted by frequent repairs, especially with the bathroom.
  2. Choose the right house without much renovation costs.
  3. Have a thorough report of the septic system.
  4. Ensure 100% safety with the waste.

The more you check it now, the less you will spend.

I’m very happy with their services. We needed the new house inspection done quickly, and they came the very next morning on a Saturday.

We could tell the inspector’s standards were very high, and he took his time explaining everything to us in great detail. I will definitely use their services again when needed.

Great family business.

Tassia O.

Your Best Specialists for Septic and Well Inspection

Certified Septic and Wells Inspectors

Kissee Inspection Services has become a popular name for Frisco homebuyers.

We keep your septic and well system working for safety. Before any house purchase, you will have the most thorough reports to determine the condition.

This step also helps you choose the right home and lessen water bills.

Kissee, thank you so much for the first best experience in home inspection.  Kyler went above and beyond answering all my questions as well as a pointer on how to fix some things myself.  I really recommend them.

 Ms. Anitta was super awesome, and she talked to me like we had known each other for years, making me feel really comfortable.  Great customer service. 

Osvaldo Rocha

#1 Septic Tank Services for Frisco Residents

Certified Septic and Wells Inspectors

Experienced buyers always look into the septic tank inspection for their potential house.

This septic part is vulnerable after long usage and costs you the most for any repair. Its replacement will bitterly stretch your budget and disturb your routine.

The tank filters the wastewater and creates solids at the bottom, so you must empty and maintain it to protect the whole septic system.

Your life’s convenience is what our team 100% care for.

My husband Sean and I had a great experience with Kissee Inspection; super quick to respond and set everything up. Chris did a great job of explaining everything to us. He was very thorough and personable! Don’t hesitate to use this company!


Our Expertise Meets Your Specific Demands

Certified Septic and Wells Inspectors

Besides septic tank services, our adept technicians will consult you about the well inspection and other house checks.

We encourage house owners or buyers to ask related questions so we can serve them with customized demands.

Here are the proven benefits when working with our team:

  • You’re able to determine the exact home condition.
  • You get rid of the essential safety concerns before a home purchase.
  • You avoid paying costs for either current or future repairs.
  • You reach a sensible decision before concluding a massive deal.
  • You have a professional team for inspecting.

Kissee Inspection Services is your perfect companion to make your house a safe place.

Where are we located?

Business Address:

Name: Kissee Inspection Services
Address: 5000 Eldorado Pkwy # 150-103, Frisco, TX 75033
Phone Number: 469-789-1444

Frisco Is a Symbol of Hope.

As a booming city, Frisco was chosen as the #1 Best Place to Live in America in 2018. They’re proud to have a diverse economy for all residents, from education to technology and healthcare.

In 2023, the city finishes a momentous deal with Universal to build its theme park worth $12 million. This news and the arrival of big companies picture Frisco’s essence of fervent hopes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time for a septic inspection?

If you’re a home buyer, this inspection is crucial to ensure the property won’t cost you much renovation fee.

Any fixing or replacement for the septic system is expensive. Our specialist team will help you avoid that unpleasant situation.

When living in the house, you should have the septic checked every three years for safety assessment.

How do I avoid a septic system breakdown?

Scheduled maintenance is a must if you want to ditch your worry about the septic system.

Our expert technicians suggest:

  • Checking your system every 2 to 3 years
  • Pumping the septic tank every 3 years.
  • Not overusing water, especially laundry
  • Flushing only human waste and lavatory paper in the bathroom

Kissee Inspection Services is your best result for “septic service near me.”

How do I know my septic system is failing?

Here are common signs of a broken septic system:

  • Toilet water and sewage flowing back into your house’s plumbing
  • Toilet flushings are slow
  • Waste odors surround the septic parts.
  • Excessive grass growing in the septic tank and drainfield
  • High amounts of contaminants in water wells
What is a well inspection?

The well system makes your water safe and clean. Therefore, our licensed team will examine:

  • Mechanical flaws
  • Defective gauges
  • Valves and capacitors
  • Control box
  • Decayed tanks
  • Leaking points in the system output

Your safety is our #1 priority.

    How long does the well inspection take?

    Typically, we only need a few hours to finish the job.

    The span might vary slightly depending on the number of tests required for your house’s situation. We understand you will have specific demands that will take a longer to get done.

     As a whole, our team guarantee efficient services to save your time and budget.

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