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Property Inspection Experts 

Property Inspection Experts 

There are numerous practical reasons why all homeowners living in Anna, TX, need to hire professional home inspectors from Kissee Inspection Services. Hiring a professional to inspect a property before making a purchase is critical. Partnering up with a team of professionals from Kissee Inspection Services can save you a lot of hassle and money down the road.

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Let us explain to you why you need to get an inspection done by Kissee Inspection Services when looking towards buying a new home.

We will do an accurate home valuation.

The final price at which a home is listed is not always its actual market value. Whether the price is too high or too low, you need to determine what you are negotiating for if you wish to get the fairest deal possible. Even if a homeowner had the property evaluated before, property values might change over the years based on numerous factors, including the overall quality of the home and any additional changes made. Unless you feel confident that the listed price is an updated and accurate estimate based on a professional evaluation, you need to get your assessment done before purchasing.

We can help you find any hidden flaws.

Not all issues in a house are easily discovered. To an untrained eye, several problems may go unnoticed. However, an experienced home inspector from Kissee Inspection Services can look for issues that may cost you a lot of money to fix later. Small cracks in surfaces, walls, and issues related to the pipes or other plumbing components can be addressed by an expert during the Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection.

If your chosen property has a crawlspace, our professionals will also check its current condition and tell you about any ideas they find. A trained professional from Kissee Inspection Services will also check the foundation and attic of the home, looking for signs of damage caused by pests and termites. Even if you are confident that the current price for the property is justified, you need to be aware of any potential problems that a home may come with since it will contribute to a lower price.

A professional from Kissee Inspection Services will enter the property with a fresh set of eyes. Leaky shower diverters, faulty light switches, and windows that won’t open should not be a part of everyday like the way they might be with you. Chances are, a professional will find much more defects than you noticed or the owner realized they might be living with.

Property boundary establishment

What you or the owner think the property boundaries are might not be the case. By simply looking at the overall layout and size of the house and yard, you cannot correctly determine the property boundaries, and an experienced home inspector from Kissee Inspection Services can tell you precisely where your property begins and finishes. Your property may be smaller or bigger than you thought, and having this information with you should help establish a formal agreement with the neighbors to avoid future conflicts.

You will also know what you are liable for if any damage occurs beyond or within your property line. After having your property line established by Kissee Inspection Services, you need to mark it for the future if you wish to build a fence or make any changes that may come close to the property line.

Inspection vs. Appraisal

Even though mortgage lenders often require an appraisal, it is not the same as a home inspection. Appraisals ideally focus on the value of your property for the lender, not the components and use to the buyer. This means that though an assessment can tell you the technical market value of a property, you will not get any in-depth details like a potential pest infestation later or the current condition of varying components. If you wish to get a thorough look at the new property that you plan to purchase, you should get in touch with Kissee Inspection Services to get a professional new construction inspection done.

Hiring an expert from Kissee Inspection Services will be the best decision you can make if you are looking for a new home. All qualified professionals from Kissee Inspection Services can give you all the details you need to move forward with the sale or look elsewhere for a different house.

We can help you prioritize improvements and repairs

Plan on making the repairs, adding on, or improving the property. A thorough home inspection conducted by Kissee Inspection Services can help you create a realistic budget as well. That way, you will not spend a lot of your budget on a decorative or superficial project only to forget an expensive system repair right away.

Our team can help you spot issues such as:

  • Missing underlayment behind floor tiles
  • Missing water barrier behind the shower tiles
  • Sneaking plumbing leaks
  • Roof leaks inside the attic
  • Structural or foundational issues
  • Water infiltration behind the home cladding or siding

Get in touch with Kissee Inspection Services right away!

The chances are you probably go to a doctor regularly. Think of a professional home inspection as a similar checkup, just for the house plan on purchasing or already calling your home. A professional home inspector from Kissee Inspection Services will help you find issues that were not known earlier. After our professionals provide you with a detailed report, you will have a complete breakdown of defects, putting you in a better position to either go ahead with the purchase or look for a better deal. If you live anywhere in  Frisco, Aubrey, Prosper, Little Elm, Denton or Sherman and wish to have a property inspected, give us a call at (469) 789-1444 or contact us online right away!


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