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Most people already understand the benefit of hiring professional home inspectors to inspect the property they plan to purchase. However, have you ever considered hiring a professional inspector even if you have no plans to move? A professional home inspection by Kissee Inspection Services can provide homebuyers – not just homeowners – with expertise and peace of mind, knowing that their property can withstand the test of time! With the help of a professional home inspection, you can provide your home with everything it needs to offer you years of service.

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Most people nowadays already understand the benefit of hiring professional home inspectors to inspect the property they plan to purchase. However, have you ever considered hiring a professional inspector even if you have no plans to move? Check out what years of experience and knowledge a seasoned home inspector from Kissee Inspection Services can offer you! A professional homebuyers inspection by Kissee Inspection Services can provide homebuyers with – not just homeowners – expertise and peace of mind.

Professional home inspections

When you hire a professional home inspector from Kissee Inspection Services, they will take a close look at the totality of your home or the property you intend to buy. We will inspect the actual condition of the entire property, from the basement to the roof. The critical components that our home inspectors would look at are:

  • Electricity and plumbing, to ensure that they are working in ideal conditions
  • The structural integrity of the property, including the foundation
  • HVAC system, including the furnace, air conditioner, and other related equipment
  • Gutters, Roof, and all windows
  • The exterior of the property, such as porches, driveways, and all other spaces around the residence
  • Kitchen and its appliances
  • The attic, primarily to address any signs of leaks and mold

Our team also suggests you try and be present during the inspection since it will help you become more aware of the situation by seeing it yourself. We also motivate people to ask us any question they have regarding the property during our inspection so our team can help you better understand the current condition of your property. Nevertheless, our professionals will provide you with a written report of their final assessment so that you can look through it and make a wise decision. It will help you in the negotiation process, so ensure you discuss it with your agent before finalizing the deal.

We can also provide home maintenance inspections.

Preventative maintenance is vital in all areas of your property. If you leave certain items in your home unattended, you can have significant problems in the long haul. You can hire a professional home inspector to help inspect the following:

  • Clean any condensate drain from your air conditioning unit.
  • Lubricate door locks.
  • Keep exposed wood trim and siding well caulked and painted.
  • Remove any moss buildup on roofs.

Always keep in mind that you, as a homeowner, can do a small amount of maintenance to help preserve your property for years to come.

Home repair evaluations

Are you stressed about how your previous plumbing or roof replacement project was completed? If yes, hiring a professional home inspector from Kissee Inspection Services to provide you with an unbiased opinion of the job may be worthwhile. Our experienced home inspection officers will provide you with proper documentation and photos of the repairs and tell you any shortcuts that were taken if the project was done based on specific construction standards. If you have any doubts about your last home repair, our fair and unbiased evaluation may help.

A pre-listing home inspection

One of the most critical times when hiring professional home inspection services is before you list your property. Knowing the current condition of your home before you put it on the market will help you get a fair marketable value. Our professional inspection will also provide homeowners the chance to discover and make any necessary repairs.

Not only this, a professional inspection report by Kissee Inspection Services will also give potential homebuyers some reassurance regarding the property’s current condition. It will help you have better odds of having a sale.

Additional home inspection services

Our professional home inspectors can also provide you with ancillary services performed individually or alongside a home inspection. Spa and pool inspections, radon testing, water sampling, well and septic inspection, and indoor air quality are a few other services that you can choose to hire in addition to a regular home inspection. A few states have strict standards for a licensed home inspection, so at Kissee Inspection Services, extensive knowledge and experience are mandatory for all team members.

However, we don’t want you to trust us blindly. We always request home buyers to look at our client ratings and reviews if they doubt our service quality. As long as you have our knowledgeable and experienced professionals working for you, you can be sure that they will leave no stones unturned when inspecting a property.

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Purchasing a new home is probably one of your life’s most defining moments. Nevertheless, owning a house is a great responsibility as well. Whether you wish to find out the condition of your current home or want to have a new property inspected, our team from Kissee Inspection Services can help! When you hire professional home inspection services from Kissee Inspection Services, our team will cover everything from plumbing and electrical to the property’s structural integrity, including the roofing system.

If you plan to buy a property or wish to list your property in the market, then a Thermal Imaging and Infrared Inspections report from Kissee Inspection Services can be of great help. It will inform you in detail about any upcoming repairs that need your attention. When you live in a house for a long time, you will end up living with all its flaws. However, our team will have a biased opinion about your property.

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