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Home inspection services may not be required for the home buying process, but it’s an extremely helpful step. Perhaps the most important thing when it comes to having a home inspected is hiring a qualified, experienced home inspector in Prosper.

The job of a Prosper home inspectorHome Inspector Prosper

The name is self-explanatory: a home inspector’s job is to inspect homes for damages and ensure that they’re suitable for living. Some of the areas that home inspectors check include:

  • HVAC systems
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical systems
  • Roofing
  • Floors

Home inspectors that are certified and have gone through proper training know what to check and how to write out a proper inspection report. Inspection services can help clear up any concerns of the homeowner or potential buyer. After the home inspection report has been made and any damages have been found, the homeowner and buyer can move forward with the home buying process.

Qualified Prosper home inspectors

For home inspectors, not all states require inspector certification. While this might be the case, it’s a good idea to hire one who is, since a home inspector who has been certified has undergone proper training and knows what to look for during the home inspection process. This will make things easier for both the buyer and seller.

The advantages of hiring a home inspector

As we discussed earlier, having a home inspected clears up any misconceptions and makes everything easier for home buyers and sellers. Read on to see some specifics of how hiring a reliable Prosper home inspector can benefit you.

People selling homes

Having your home inspected before selling your home creates a sense of trust between home buyers and sellers. With a quality home inspection, both parties will be able to agree on a fair price for the home. Whether the seller reduces the price and gives an allowance for repairs, or the sellers choose to make the repairs themselves and keep the original price.

Protection for homeowners

A homeowner having a home inspection done allows them to have proof in-hand that the home they’re selling is free of any major issues and is being sold at a fair price. It also protects them from having to lower the price for issues that aren’t there in the first place.

A guarantee for home buyersHome Inspector Prosper

Home inspection reports serve as a guarantee for home buyers that the home they’re buying doesn’t have any major issues or that, if it does, the issues are taken care of before they buy it. If a major issue is found, a home buyer can ask the sellers for an allowance for the repairs that need to be made. They could also ask the sellers to make the repairs.

In addition to having the home inspected, buyers also pay a closing cost on the home.

What in included in the closing cost?

Generally, the closing cost includes any lender fees, title company fees, property taxes, insurance, the appraisal and other such reports that hadn’t been paid. Closing costs should be paid a few days prior to the closing itself. The home inspection should be completed before closing costs are paid, so that any necessary negotiations over the selling price can be made before these costs are paid.

When to have a home inspected

We mentioned earlier that having a home inspected isn’t required for home buyers, but it’s an extremely helpful step. Home inspections should be completed before paying closing costs so that any pricing adjustments can be made.

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