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Kissee Inspection Services provides termite services, warranty inspection services, pool and sprinkler services as well as septic and well services. In addition, this entity also facilitates property inspections and will provide a home inspector in Prosper for varying classes of real estate, including commercial, residential as well as new construction properties. Inspections for all classes can be scheduled online, however, the type of service offered for each property type varies.

For Commercial EstablishmentsHome inspector in Prosper

For Commercial properties including apartments, warehouses, strip malls, office buildings, warehouse and manufacturing facilities, medical buildings, hotels and others, the home inspector in Prosper will provide a comprehensive evaluation of building structure, roof, electrical system, interior and exterior elements, heating and cooling systems as well as plumbing in an effort to advise clients on the general condition on the structure and make recommendations for maintenance and improvements. He will produce the results of these inspections in a graphic report to ensure clarity of the areas of interest. Whereas for residential properties, the aim of a home inspector in Prosper is to give the owner knowledge of the home conditions, address safety concerns, save money on current or future repairs as well as make informed decisions before purchasing a huge investment. This is done via home owner’s inspection, buyer’s services and seller’s services in new construction.

With each home inspection done, a termite inspection report will be provided. The home inspector in Prosper performs on site quality assurance observations of the developing structure in order to guarantee the quality and integrity of the construction underway. Different points are observed along different stages of the construction. These are pre-pour, pre-drywall, final foundation reinforcement, structural frame, window and exterior installation, weather proofing, MEP rough-in (mechanical/electrical/plumbing), roofing assemblies, fire block and building envelope. The inspector will also provide feedback on the workmanship and be a link with the Superintendent regarding actions that need to be addressed, through the field inspection report.

The home inspector in Prosper ensures the safety and comfort of real estate owners by ensuring that the various facets of building structure exist at a high quality and standard. This is achieved by doing in-depth assessments and subsequently producing reports that help in formulating measures that allow the inspector the rectify any problem that may have been found. It is therefore a good choice to always choose a home inspector in Prosper who will provide you with quality service, which is required by any property owner that values safety and comfort in all post decision makings.

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