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Kissee Inspection Services provides a comprehensive suite of home and commercial property inspections, ensuring that every aspect of your property is thoroughly examined and reported with clarity and precision. Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to offering unparalleled service, making us your premier choice for all your inspection needs.

Why Kissee Inspection Services Stands Out in Weston, TX

Unmatched Expertise: Our Qualified Inspection Team
Our team at Kissee Inspection Services comprises highly trained and experienced inspectors who bring decades of industry knowledge to every project. Specializing in both residential and commercial inspections in Weston, TX, our professionals adhere to strict industry standards to deliver reliable and informative inspection services.
Detailed and Clear: The Benefit of Our Inspection Reports
Every inspection report we produce is designed to be comprehensive and easy to understand, featuring detailed explanations and high-quality images of our findings. These reports are instrumental in providing you with the insights needed to make informed decisions about your property in Weston.
The Trusted Choice in Weston: Our Local Commitment
As a family-oriented business, we are deeply committed to the Weston community. We not only strive to deliver top-quality inspection services but also actively participate in local initiatives and support various charitable causes, reinforcing our bond with the community.

Committed to Excellence in the Weston Community
Our mission is to ensure your peace of mind when investing in real estate, whether it’s a new home or a commercial property. We pride ourselves on being a trusted part of the Weston community, consistently going beyond the call of duty to meet your inspection needs.


The Benefits of a Thorough Home & Property Inspection

in Weston, TX

Detecting the Undetectable

Our inspections are meticulously thorough, aiming to uncover issues that are not visible to the untrained eye. This thoroughness helps prevent future surprises and provides a clear picture of the condition of the property.
Accurate Budgeting for Future Repairs

With our detailed reports, you can anticipate potential repairs and maintenance needs, allowing for more accurate budgeting. This insight is invaluable for long-term financial planning and property management.
Proactive Measures to Save on Costs

Our inspections can identify minor problems before they turn into major expenses, offering you the opportunity to address issues promptly and cost-effectively.

Our Extensive Inspection Offerings in Weston, TX

Inspection Services for Homebuyers

Ensure your potential home in Weston does not hold any unpleasant surprises with our comprehensive homebuyer inspections.

New Construction Inspection

Monitor your property at every construction phase with our new construction phase inspections, ensuring that every element meets the required standards and specifications. This service is crucial for identifying and addressing issues early, securing compliance, and guaranteeing the quality of your new build.

Comprehensive Commercial Property Inspections

From small office buildings to large warehouses, our commercial property inspections in Weston provide a thorough assessment to ensure your business investments are sound and secure.

Safety Inspections for Pools and Spas

Ensure your leisure facilities are safe and properly maintained with our detailed pool and spa inspections.

Inspections for Septic Systems and Wells

Our inspections of septic systems and wells help ensure these critical systems are functioning correctly and efficiently, safeguarding your property’s hygiene and usability.

Seller Pre-Listing Inspection

Considering selling your property? Our pre-listing inspections can help you identify and rectify issues before they become stumbling blocks in the selling process.

Home Warranty Inspection

Maximize the benefits of your home warranty by scheduling a home warranty inspection to identify claimable issues before your warranty expires. Ensure you get the repairs you’re entitled to and make the most of your coverage.

Termite (WDI) Inspection

Protect your property from termite damage with our specialized Wood Destroying Insect inspections, a must-have for any homeowner or buyer in Weston.

Lawn Sprinkler Inspections

Avoid costly water waste and landscape damage with our lawn sprinkler system inspections, ensuring everything operates as it should.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspections

Leverage the latest technology to identify hidden problems such as moisture intrusion, insulation gaps, and electrical hot spots with our infrared thermal imaging inspections.

Ideal Times for Booking Your Home Inspection in Weston, TX

Prior to Completing a New Home Build

Book an inspection before finalizing your new build to catch any last-minute issues that could affect the integrity and value of your property.

Before Making a Home Purchase Decision

An inspection is crucial before finalizing the purchase of a home, providing peace of mind and a solid foundation for negotiation.


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We’re here to assist with all your home and commercial property inspection needs, ensuring that you can invest with confidence and peace of mind. Let us help you protect your investment and ensure the safety of your property.
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