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Most professional home inspections tend to happen before the sale of a property. Nevertheless, as your house ages, things tend to break, and not all homeowners have the required training or skills to identify these problems along the way.

A professional 4 point home inspection is perfect for houses on the market. However, it is also an excellent way to find out the current problems in your home before they turn into extensive repairs.

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Below you will find the top reasons you, as a homeowner, need to call and hire a home inspector from Kissee Inspection Services, Van Alstyne.

Our certified professionals have a trained eye.

There are a few home defects that are easy to notice. If there is a plumbing leak under your sink or if your roofing system has lost a few shingles, sooner or later, you are going to notice it on your own. But do you have the required skills and training to find out any other defects that are not as obvious?

Professional home inspectors from Kissee Inspection Services have completed their training. They know everything about home systems, including inside and outside the property, and understand how every system interacts with others around it. When you hire a professional inspector, you are investing your hard-earned money in expert knowledge.

It is easy to grow accustomed to issues with time

Do you have a light fixture that always flickers when there is a storm? Does your GFCI outlet that supplies your air conditioner trip without any reason? Has your household grown accustomed to co-existing with these problems simply because they’ve crept up slowly over time? If yes, then you are not alone.

Our home inspector will enter your home with a fresh set of eyes. Leaky shower diverters, faulty light switches, and windows that do not open shouldn’t be a part of your everyday life. The chances are that our professional will find numerous more issues and defects than you knew you were living with.

 Defects that are out of sight

There are a few home defects that do not depend on time to miss your radar entirely. Sometimes, problems occur in places where you seldom go or don’t go at all. This is especially true with basements and attics, but it may happen in plain sight. Your unused chimney may have a safety hazard that needs to be taken care of immediately.

A certified home inspector from Kissee Inspection Services will go through your property from top to bottom, inside and out, with a step-by-step process.

They will then fill out a report and take photos, testing all systems along the way. If you do not like the idea of checking the crawl space by yourself, no issues. Our inspector can do it for you.

Prioritize improvements and repairs today!

If you have been planning on making repairs, add on, or improve your home, a home inspection can come in handy.

Our professionals will assist you in creating a realistic budget, so you don’t spend all your money on decorative or superficial projects to later find out you have an expensive system repair that needs attention right away.

Our professionals can help you spot issues such as:

  • Missing water barrier underneath your shower tiles
  • Outdated or inferior electrical wiring
  • Missing underlayment behind the flooring
  • Hidden plumbing leaks
  • Water infiltration behind home cladding or siding
  • Roof leaks
  • Structural or foundation issues

You, like most people, might go to a doctor regularly. Chances are, you probably visit an ENT too. Consider an Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection as the same checkup for the house you call home.

Our inspectors have the training to find issues that you had no idea even existed. After you get the report, you will have a professional breakdown of issues and allow you to go ahead with the required home improvement and repair priorities.

There are numerous cases where you may need the services of a professional home inspector. Be it your home or a recent purchase or when you are building a house from the ground up!

When to schedule an appointment

If you are constructing a new home, we suggest you schedule two new construction inspections. Even though it may cost you a little more, you will realize that doing this now will save you from expensive repairs later.

The first appointment should be during the early stages of the building process before your home’s walls are complete. The second and final visit needs to be scheduled when the construction is completed.

It will be easier for professionals to check specific home systems while the walls are under construction. If there are any issues, you need to know about them at the earliest to rectify them.

Unless you are highly knowledgeable about construction or a practiced contractor, it can be hard to spot various construction blunders.

During the final inspection, you will find out everything that still needs to be attended to. Talk to the builder and tell them all your concerns. Never purchase a house until all the issues are fixed, and everything is built according to your satisfaction.

If you are shifting into a new home, it is always good to get it inspected first. After knowing what’s wrong with the property, you can either ask the owner to fix it or negotiate the selling price.

Get in touch with us today!

A home inspector from Kissee Inspection Services will be able to spot issues that you would have otherwise missed. There is no such thing as a flawless home.

All homes come with their vulnerabilities. If you know where to look, you can mitigate these damages in no time.

Ready to get started? Time for you to hire a qualified home inspector in Van Alstyne, TX. Give us a call at (469) 789-1444 or contact us online, and our team will walk you through the entire process.

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