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A property inspection can help you make a much more informed decision about a property you consider purchasing.

A professional home inspector from Kissee Inspection Services can help you identify any potential problems and give you a better estimate of your properties’ need for restoration.

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When you buy a property, a professional and thorough home inspection can help save you thousands of dollars in unexpected future repairs.

What is a home inspection?

An inspection is a professional visual inspection of the mechanical system and physical structure, including the roofing system, walls, windows, doors, floors, and everything else.

Our inspectors from Kissee Inspection Services will do a thorough check of your home once they are on job. They will also check the air conditioning and heating systems, check the electrical and plumbing systems, and will also look around your attic and basement. The purpose of getting a home inspected is to uncover any problems in a property.

When is a home inspection required?

The home buyer usually inspects your property after accepting your offer but before they complete the purchase.

It would be best if you got a home inspection scheduled as soon as possible under the terms of your agreement to provide a reasonable time for any additional discussion or assessment with the seller.

All buyers are ideally allowed to take care of an inspection project for at least eight to 10 days in the process of buying a home.

Hire a professional home inspector

It is always up to you as a home buyer if you wish to hire a professional home inspector. Even if a seller offers you to share their home inspection report or claims that their property has already been inspected by a professional, you may still want to arrange your inspection so that you can get it checked yourself.

Home inspectors are not regulated by the union and are also not licensed in all states. You can get recommendations from colleagues, family, and friends or search the online database for any professional association, helping you organize a home inspection project. If you wish to get your property inspected, you can get in touch with Kissee Inspection Services.

We always suggest our clients interview their chosen home inspectors about their training, areas of experience, and expertise.

For example, if you’re considering buying an older home, you need to hire a professional inspector who knows about historic homes and how they function.

You can also choose to take a look at our previous customers, especially homeowners who have been living in their homes for the last six months.

This can help you better determine if there is any problem with their property that had not been reported in the inspection.

If you wish to, we can also provide you with samples from previous reports, and you can check for yourself if the work is complete with an investigator review or just a comprehensive review.

This will help you understand better if you are paying for a stapled 10-page report of the house or a three-dimensional ring of detailed information about the property.

How much will it cost you to get a home inspection?

Even though home inspections are not very cheap and can cost you anywhere from $400 to $600 or even more depending on your property’s size, you need to understand that spending this amount now can help you save on any extensive repair in the future.

Unlike other closing costs, you will have to pay the home inspector at the time of service. Think about it, if a home inspector has to wait until the sale closes to receive a payment, they will have an incentive to ensure that the deal closes smoothly. This can result in a professional mitigating any problems that may interfere with the sale.

What will happen during a home inspection?

It will take several hours for an inspector to make a detailed tour of your property and look for any problems. During this time. our inspector will be making notes and taking photos of each and everything they notice.

If you tag along, you too can comment on what you see. Most importantly, a professional inspector will provide an objective opinion on the current condition, which is different from an emotional opinion that you took during the home buying session.

A professional inspector may also have a few views on child safety issues in your home, but again, it always depends on your professional inspector’s experience and competency.

A home inspector will not determine if your home confirms all the local building codes and will not comment on your property’s cosmetic appeal until it becomes a significant problem. For example, an inspector may tell you about any roof stains since they indicate water damage.

What is included in a professional home inspection report?

A home inspection report from Kissee Inspection will include a comprehensive list with all the required checklists, summaries, photographs, and any other notes that they may have regarding the property.

It can help you in getting an estimate of the remaining useful life of major systems and equipment along with the structure of your house, the paint job, the roofing system, and the finish.

The report will also feature all critical information, including recommended replacements and repairs that you may have to get done sooner or later.

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A home inspection is not a basic pass or fail examination. No correction is necessary after your home inspection, although it may help in highlighting any problems that indicate a reexamination with your seller.

Hiring a professional home inspector from Kissee Inspection in Sherman, TX, will help you learn more about your house and gain confidence in moving into your new address.

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