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Buying a home is an exciting step in everyone’s life. However, there are times when new home buyers either ignore or forget about the importance of getting a professional home inspection done.

In most cases, a professional home inspection contingency will be a critical part of your purchasing contract. Hiring a professional to walk through your prospective property is an essential step in the home buying process.

termite damage

It can help you, as the homeowner, save a lot of time and money in the future. An homebuyer’s inspection can also help you avoid any unfortunate experience of being unpleasantly surprised.

Even though these home inspections are not mandatory when selling or buying a house, you will be amazed by everything that this process can reveal about the property. Even though it may be optional, you should not overlook it.

What to expect from a professional inspection by Kissee Inspection Services?

A professional home inspector from Kissee Inspection Services will examine specific components and elements of a house and include their findings in a detailed report.

The report will specify a safety issue, a significant defect, or a minor defect in the property. It will also determine which items need to be replaced and which items should instead be repaired.

Moreover, an inspector from Kissee Inspection Services will also tell you about any other items that do not pose a problem at the moment but need to be monitored closely.

What does an inspector check for?

Our professional inspector will focus on all critical elements of your property, such as the exterior walls. Surveying can reveal any missing sidings, cracks, or possible damage from insects.

Our professional will also check your garage door to see if it is functioning correctly and adequately ventilated. Another thing on the list is the roof of your home, which can be damaged in certain areas or have loose shingles that need your attention.

Inside the house, our inspector is going to check the following:

The plumbing

An inspector from Kissee Inspection Services is going to check all the showers and faucets in your new home, looking to find any leaks, test the pressure of water, and identify the type of pipes used in the home plumbing system.

Electrical work

The professional will then check the electrical outlets and panel to look for any safety hazards that need to be taken care of. They will also be able to identify the type of electrical wiring used around the house.

The HVAC system

The inspector will also examine your new home’s HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system and the furnace if that’s the case. We will estimate its total age and inform you if there are any leaks or issues with the system.

Fire safety

The home inspection process will also include testing and examination of some detectors and the property, in general, to find out any potential fire hazards. For example, a laundry room with an inadequately–maintained exhaust system could be a problem, even more so if it is poorly vented.

Below are five main reasons you need to consider getting a home inspection done before purchasing the property.

1. Your home may be hiding something.

A new home buyer must hire a professional home inspector from Kissee Inspection Services to look beyond the doors and walls of their new home. It does not matter how new or old your house is; there may be a few hidden problems lurking around the home.

Issues with wiring, plumbing, mold, and house structure may be invisible to an untrained eye. This is where a professional from Kissee Inspection Services comes in.

2. A professional inspection can save you a lot of money in the long run.

The cost of an inspection may vary; nevertheless, you should expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $500, depending on the size and age of your future home. It may look expensive right now, but in most cases, a professional home inspector will catch minor details (for example, a termite (W.D.I.) infestation) that can help you save thousands of dollars in the future.

There is nothing worse than getting a house you thought was in perfect shape; to only find out, you will need to dip all your savings to repair a significant issue later.

3. A home inspection gives you room to negotiate.

One of the many benefits of having a home inspection done before purchasing the property is the potential negotiating power you may obtain. If your dream house is a little above your budget, an inspector can help you gather critical information, giving you a chance to negotiate a lower price.

Our team from Kissee Inspection Services also recommends arranging your contract so that if you find any serious issue with the property, you will still have the option to back out of the deal.

4. The seller can make the repairs.

On top of negotiating a lower price for the property, most buyers often include in their contract that certain repairs must be made before purchasing the property.

If the seller does not want to make the repairs themselves, our inspector can help to give you an estimate of how much it will cost you to get them done yourself. Then, you can deduct the total amount from the cost of the property.

5. Home inspection contingencies can help you better understand the property

The importance of thermal imaging and infrared inspections lies in knowing your purchase before buying it. Researching the history of your property can help you know what to expect, and a professional review will give you a first-hand look at any unique elements or quirks of the house. This also means you will have fewer surprises later.

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