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Commercial inspections in Frisco

A worthy investment

We know that purchasing a commercial property is no small investment. Luckily, Kissee Inspection Services offers commercial building inspections in Frisco. When you hire Kissee Inspection Services, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll complete a thorough building inspection and provide you with a detailed report of our findings.

Advantages of having your building inspectedbuilding inspection Frisco

We want you to feel good about investing in a commercial property. We put our best effort into completing the most thorough commercial building inspection that we can. Having a building inspected by the pros at Kissee Inspection Services has many benefits, including:

  • Revealing any major damages
  • Providing details about the property to help the buyer negotiate
  • Gives the buyer an accurate look at a property and allows them to make an informed decision

Kissee Inspection Services’ professional building inspections

In addition to pre-sale inspections, we also offer pre-listing inspections:

  • Home inspection – Whether you’re a home buyer or seller, it’s best to have a home inspected to ensure that a sale is fair and that there are no hidden damages.
  • Pre-listing inspection – For people selling a home, having the home inspected prior to listing it will help give you an idea of what repairs you’ll need to make before selling the home.
  • Stage inspection – If you’re building a new structure outside of city limits, you’ll need to have a stage inspection. The experts at Kissee Inspection Services are certified to complete stage inspections! From checking the foundation to structural and mechanical inspections, we’ll make sure everything is structurally sound.

Trust the experts

Kissee Inspection Services has years of experience and can provide quality inspection services, whether you’re buying or selling a commercial building or just a new home. If you’re interested in our building inspection services in Frisco, give us a call at 469-789-1444 today to schedule an inspection! We guarantee that you’ll be happy with the services we provide.

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