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New Construction

We will INCLUDE a Termite Inspection Report WITH a Home Inspection!
* Termite Inspection Reports not included with New Construction deemed unnecessary.


Termite Services

Termite Services

Welcome to Texas where termites and wood destroying insects like to live! Termites can be a home’s worst enemy. They consume its very structure. Extensive damage often occurs before its obvious and expensive remediation. Like most challenges in life, prevention is the best cure against these destructive pests.

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New Construction Framework

Warranty Inspection Services

Warranty almost expired? We’ve helped many clients. New homes do have issues. Be pro-active. Why not let the Builder pay for repairs -not you.

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Pool & Sprinkler Services

Pool & Sprinkler Services

Pool: A certified inspector will conduct this inspection as part of a general home inspection or as a single inspection. This is a visual review of the type and general condition of the visible and accessible components of the pool and/or spa system. Includes: pool equipment i.e. pumps, filters, heaters, safety features, tiles, outside construction, fences and gates.
Sprinklers: We will inspect the zones and equipment to make sure working properly. It's a small fee that can protect you from a big repair expense.

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Septic Services

Septic & Wells

Septics: Properly operating septic systems are vital for sewage treatment for many homes located in outlying suburbs and rural areas. Because systems are underground, they're also often “out of mind.”
Wells: Homebuyers with rural properties can use this service to have a water sample conducted and equipment inspected.

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Termite TPCL #0619643
Pool CPI #76-301225
Septic NAWT #1110
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